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Stamina And How I Think It Could Be Made Relevant


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Dear Devs and fellow Tennos,

I have just re-watched the latest live stream, and I have mostly paid attention to the segment about stamina and how the developers want to make it relevant.


I realize that I am a newbie in the forums, and admittedly, I haven’t had the time to read and check if anyone has come up with the same/similar suggestions that I am about to make.


I’ve been playing this game for about a month, now, and have currently logged more or less 185 hours.  I love the game.  I do feel there are changes that need to be made.  At the same time, I also see very passionate developers who listen to feedback.  All I can say is, I am very impressed, so far.


So about stamina:


To make it more relevant, I believe the frames should be re-classified a little.  By that, I mean, there are frames that have abilities that one could consider as physical skills.  Let me elaborate.


There are frames that I would consider to be more of a physical class, such as the Ash, Excalibur, and the Rhino.  For this particular example, I will use Ash, as it is the frame I am most familiar with.


Ash is a badass ninja.  His ultimate skill is Bladestorm.  He teleports all over, jumps on enemies’ faces, stabs, slices, roundhouse kicks… you get the point.  The point I am trying to get across is that this type of ability, with all the leaping and slicing, is a Physical ability that should consume stamina instead of energy.


As it is right now, Bladestorm can be cast as long as you have energy.  Naturally, players will want the Flow mod for extra energy.  Players will also want Streamline to reduce the energy cost.  We also want Continuity and Constitution for added duration, stretch for added range and Focus for added power damage.  This is a very common setup; far too common.  This exact same setup is perfect for, let’s say, a Nova and other NUKE AOE classes.


The stamina mods don’t even fit in, anywhere in the game, unless you are farming a lowbie boss, like the Jackal.  Run in, kill the boss, run out.


Now let’s say we change Ash a bit and make him more stamina dependent.  Shuriken, which is a physical, thrown projectile, will now consume stamina.  The number of Shuriken he can throw will depend on how much stamina he has.  Similarly, Bladestorm, which I also think is a physical skill, will also consume stamina.  The number of enemies Ash can leap onto will depend on how much stamina he has at the start of Bladestorm, with each leap consuming a bit of stamina, until he is winded, so to speak.


Stretch and focus mods will still affect the range and damage output of the skill.  Flow, Continuity, Streamline and Constitution will now have to be replaced by Quick rest, Marathon and Rush (and some other mod I haven’t thought of, yet).  We’ll get to why I would use Rush, later.


Streamline will have no effect on the stamina cost of Bladestorm.  Instead, Quick rest will increase the stamina regeneration rate to counter the effect of losing stamina for casting skills.  Marathon will also allow us to have a larger stamina pool, instead of relying on Flow.


Abilities like Smoke Screen and Teleport, I would consider as powers of the mind and will therefore continue on relying on Energy.


Rush – for physical frames like Ash, Excalibur, and Rhino, should be a must-have.  Ash movement speed is quite fast, but Excalibur and Rhino, not so much.  The problem that I currently see is with the Nova, which is the 2nd fastest frame in the game (correct me if I am wrong), with teleport skills, extremely high nuke damage and a ridiculously large blast radius.  Don’t get me wrong.  The Nova is fantastic frame, just a little too fantastic for me, because they render many other frames useless in many situations.


The way I see, it NUKE skills should be used in defending an area.  The way things are now, Nova players just run ahead of the group because they are naturally faster, go inside a room, blast everything to oblivion and leave their teammates to pick off the leftovers.


Rush needs to be relevant, as well.  The Rhino, which is essentially a tank, should be at the front of the pack, not at the back, left to clean up after a nuker’s mess.  Players want to be able to contribute to the team, but they can’t do that when they are left behind.


Nova, as an example, is a pure energy class, whose abilities depend solely on energy.  The mods that are currently the best for that frame will remain the same.  Decreasing the stamina pool on pure energy frames is what I’d go for to balance things out, but that’s just me.


Stamina for Ash and other physical frames will regenerate significantly faster, because running, hacking and slashing, and abilities depend on it.  Some abilities will still need energy, and they will still benefit from Energy Siphon and Energy orbs.


Slash and dash, Super Jump, Radial Javelin, Rhino Charge, Roar, Rhino Stomp and Iron skin, are all what I consider as Physical abilities that require great strength and agility to perform.


I realize I am a newbie compared to some of the players here, and as I said at the beginning, I am unsure whether anyone has come up with similar ideas before.


So, this is my idea of making Stamina more relevant, as well as putting some of the mods that are currently useless, into use.  I know my ideas are incomplete and that there are many things to take into consideration.  But anyway, that’s my take on this matter.  Let me know what you think.  No flame wars please.


Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

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It doesn't even have to be centered around specific warframes. You could just make the stamina system relevant by making things like Parry and Handspring baseline and sticking a stamina cost on them.


I could really go on but at this point it feels like


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Stamina should be a nightmare mode.  Then, DE can make it as "significant" as Scott's black beard wants.


I use Stamina mods on a number of Warframes and the Warframes that I do not use it on, I confine to the pod.




The problem that I currently see is with the Nova


You leave my wife out of this!!!!!!!!!!

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