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Aquarius Warframe Idea


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I was thinking that since we have a fire/ice using Warframe. Why not add in one that has the element of water? So I thought a few ideas, though I'm unsure on what base HP/Shield would be.




-Decent Speed, bit faster than Excalibur

-I would guess lower HP, but shields can vary



-Water Cannon: A line of water that is shot in the direction the Aquarius is facing, it can knock/stun enemies caught in its path.

-Slip: Aquarius covers the ground surrounding her a slick layer of water that causes enemies to trip/fall down. More of a crowd control when you are surrounded by a frenzy of infested or such.

-Liquid Wall: Aquarius creates a wall of water that absorbs incoming projectiles, when the shield ends it would deal a small percentage of the damage to enemies nearby the shield. Say the shield absorbed 200 damage, it could deal 20-40 damage to nearby enemies.

-Tsunami: Aquarius jettisons large amounts of water around her that deals high damage and knocks enemies away from her. Enemies farther from Aquarius during her Ultimate are instead slowed. The damage increases the closer you are to Aquarius. So a enemy standing right by you would take tons more damage than an enemy on the edge of Tsunami.

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