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Mobile Defence Nerf?


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last 2-3 days I get in 2 times less exp than before (with aff booster)

and it's all in good coordinated group that knows how to farm mobile defense. My personal observation - number of mobs strongly decreased

anyone have same problem?

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we have:

1. 4 angry ppl who always run mdef

2. all team stands near terminal

3. 1 good DD ("GOD" DD) (we have more but it not necessary)

4. Defence time ~2.5 min per terminal (+- 30 sec)

5. test runs = 20


Before nerf: ~ 60-80k exp (frame, main, secondary, melee) for non DD players (with exp booster)


After nerf: ~ 35-45 k exp per run for non DD players


it's NOT "bad luck with spawn"

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Exp gains have been lowered, and the exp it takes to level a frame has been increased (observation not backed by facts, yet)

exp lowered a few mounts ago, when DE boost MDef, increased mobs quantity and gave them "assaut mode"


soo.. i will tell one - i dont like this S#&$ which happens now


grind.. grind is EVERYWHERE! 

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I remember making a thread about EXP getting lower in the game and plenty of people told it was just me. Guess it ain't so fun anymore with Mobile Defense giving 20k with EXP boost.


How about all of you guys speak up about it and it might get reversed. Much like how Stamina change was reversed.

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