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Synapse, Embolist, Or Dual Ichors?



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Dual Ichors are basically Zoren 2.0, EXCEPT for treasure rooms in the Void. That's when you pop back on Zorens and copter your way to victory.


Synapse is aesthetically pleasing and fun to use. It's also pretty good against everything, until Grineer start getting hefty armor bonuses. Flux will outdamage it against Infested, but it's still not bad against them.


Embolist is apparently not that bad of a weapon, pairing well with Bows or Snipers as a close range problem fixer. From what I hear, it is in desperate need of 3-4 more meters of range. I'd hold off on building this until they toss it a buff.

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I have both the Embolist and Dual Ichors at 30 with a couple of forma put into both and to be honest neither of them have a noticeable difference between any other weapon currently in the game.

The Synapse from what I've seen on youtube looks promising but i cant really comment on it.

Regardless of which one you choose until they get around to changing the damage and armor in the game your choice honestly wont make a lick of difference.

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