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Soma (30-C-3) Vs. Rank 102 Grineer (1440P Video)



A video I recorded yesterday during an extermination alert:



URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFkpPUJM30Q - you definitely want to watch the 1440p for best results.


Not many opportunities to really leverage puncture in this mission (you should see it in a T3 defense), but you can see that Soma keeps up damn well. The heavy at the end was deliberately targeted in a non-weak point so you could see damage through very high armor. Normally, I'd shoot him in the head.


Pardon my general sloppiness and poor aim. It was early and I was a bit groggy.

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Double U, Tee, Eff? 1440p, how have I not heard of this?

2560x1440 is the new black, or the new #$$, or something. Whatever, it's in, it's happening, ya dig?

Really though, I'm still on a 1920x1200 display, YouTube just upscales or downscales it to match common 16:9 ratios in vertical resolution and the upscaled one looks less like crap than the downscaled one, even if you have to downscale it yourself to watch it. It's not my fault YouTube wants me to use a bunch of Quicktime garbage I wouldn't touch with a 10' pole and thus pretends it doesn't know what to do with the files Handbreak spits out.



hmmm can you post the mods of that soma? it seems so good


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Dude I totally agree, that 1440p looks seriously impressive, and I thought my 1080 was good!

Post a pic of your soma loadout! It's putting out some impressive hitmarkers!


Edit: Sweet, I just need to add two more V polarities!

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But why Bane of Grineer and not an elemental mod? The damage in % is much higher with an elemental card..


Damage with Bane is higher. Serration + Bane + Rifle Amp on the Mag is giving me +222% base damage.


Most of the damage I am doing in the video is AP damage. No other element would add enough to bother with. Anything past about rank 20 resists anything they aren't weak against more than the extra AP damage.

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