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Choosing Best Host For The Mission


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Okay, I have a thousand orokin keys because I don't like hosting with my bad connection. 2 other people use my internet and my router is all the way in the basement and im at the top floor.


What I'm trying to say is, why don't you have a thing that tests all 4 peoples internet and picks the best one to be the "connection host"? So people like me who have crappy hosting can invite people to my private missions.

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it wont be automatic. Making it automatic would come with tons of problems, Mainly the use of bandwidth on their servers.


In order to test a connection speed, A website typically downloads a 5mb file and then uploads a 1-2mb file, It checks to see how long it takes and from that it works out the speed


Not only does this take time, Its also very resource heavy ( Bandwidth wise ) because of all the downloading and uploading from a single location, Sure downloading 5mb and uploading 2mb for one person is fine, Times that by 10,000 at a time and you'll see the problem, DE would have to buy a huge dedicated server situated on a hellishly expensive fiber optic line, Both of which cost way to much for the company's budget, and probably at this stage making little servers for actual games would be just as efficient.


If/When they add this option to chose host it will be manual, You'll have to select the host and hope he has good speed.


Then again, DE "could" get a dedicated speedtesting server, But i highly doubt it

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