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Ash Here!


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Just want to say, this game is awesome. the whole space ninja thing, running up/sideways, jump from pillar to pillar, the freedom basically. Also the dark sector thing was my THANGGG when it first came out!


2 Wishes though..


1. Wish that there was an ACTUAL change of pistol hand when pressing the " H " button to switch views left/right. Its just the view. You know what i mean.


2. Also since i am an ASH, and i know theres a topic on whether he should get an ULTI makeover etc, this is not something SO DRASTIC, so hear me out?

His ulti is AWESOME! Just wished it would target the most nearest of enemies, instead of going ALL over the place. Yeah i understand thats a cool way to get everywhere with the ulti, but when i am ash, i think of assassination (stealth, quick/hard hits, come out from nowhere type of stuff) and while his ulti is exactly what i just described, its kind of crippled the ability for the players to map out an offensive plan?

An example was when i was in a defense mission, i came across 5 grineer enemies hiding behind a tall boulder wall shooting (my teammates were obviously on the other side shooting at them),oblivious to me slide dashing right toward them with confidence that they would all be done for, with a push of number 4...till started i teleporting all over the place with it loll.. So much for "onto the next pile of grineers.."


Sorry for this hello/help post, just wished the ulti acted to what i had in mind. 



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