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Shrezerin, the Vampire.

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Name: Shrezerin

Gender model: Male

Description: Sometimes, blood is all you need. Rip your opponents to shreds and use their blood to heal yourself

Base health: 450

Base shiled: 150

Base armor: 105

Base energy: 200


1st: razor sprite - creates a sawblade projectile that orbits Shrezerin and his companions, sawblade will strike the first enemy within 50 meters for (level 0) 150 damage (level 3) 350 damage with a guaranteed slash status. Attacking an enemy after they are hit with razor sprite will restore a small amount of health. Scales with range and power strength. Energy cost: 20. Range: 50m

2nd: vampire - impale one enemy for (level 0) 5% (level 3) 15% of their health(true damage) and heal by the same amount. Impaled enemies also have their armor stripped for (level 0) 5 seconds (level 3) 10 seconds. Scales with duration amd power strength. Energy cost: 50. Range: 5m

3rd: Spike surprise - lay a hunter's trap(which resembles the cyst removing table) much like Vauban's trap toss. This trap will impale the first enemy to walk over for (level 0) 200 damage (level 3) 600 damage and holds them in place for 3 seconds. Scales with strength and duration; trap does not disappear until triggered, maximum of 6 traps at a time. Energy cost: 50. Range: 15m arch of throw, unlimited resting range, contact triggered.

4th: Vampire rage(exalted weapon) - squad weapons are imbuned with 30% life steal(lasts after ability end for 20seconds, cannot be increased) as Shrezerin releases his true power. Shezerin receives a 200% armor buff and his health pool is doubled(lasts until returned to normal from being damaged after ability end) as his claws grow out to attack. Claws hit with 50% life steal and break down armor. Energy cost: 10. Drain: 5e/s. Range: 15m. Vampire's aura range: 50m.

Passive: Monster of the night - gain a 10% damage bonous at night, stealth kills turn you invisible for 12 seconds, 1% inate lifesteal at all times.

Exalted weapon: Vampire's claws - a powerful set of claws with the ability to return a victim's blood to their holder as a means of healing.

Base stats:

Attack Speed- 1.75

Range- 5m

Critical chance- 25%

Critical multiplier- ×2.5

Status chance- 20%

Life steal- (exalted) 50% (normal) 9%

Puncture- (exalted) 50 (normal) 10

Slash- (exalted) 100 (normal) 20

Impact- (exalted) 20 (normal) 5

Toxin- (exalted) 50 (normal) 10

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