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The Old Blood: Hotfix 26.0.6 +


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1 hour ago, --Blame-- said:


i think is more effective work on the RNG drop than make tradeable.
honestly i'm not a fan of grind but i'm not a fan even less of making things easy on warframe

I'm not talk about making easier. I'm asking give us chance to obtain all kuva weapons.
Thanks to kuva weapon comsumption system, we still have reason to keep hunting kuva lich after got all their weapons. right? 

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4 minutes ago, SordidDreams said:

Not really, basically just restating the same thing I and everyone else has been saying, since it's a pretty solid argument. For some people it just takes longer to sink in than for others.

Then I repeat what said.  Just be glad it's as it is now, and move on. Be chill peeps and help out others regardless if you yourself get any murmurs from that one source while there is many thralls to stab. 😄


Anyway, keep up the good work DE! :3 Curious though, ya got more personalities in mind? So far thats my only gripe about the liches at the moment.

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3 minutes ago, Optimalzelda said:

Then I repeat what said.  Just be glad it's as it is now, and move on. Be chill peeps and help out others regardless if you yourself get any murmurs from that one source while there is many thralls to stab. 😄

Nah. I'm not spawning another lich until the grind is either significantly reduced or made passive (i.e. remove thrall missions and spawn thralls everywhere, in every game mode). If the game's not going to respect my time, I'm just going to spend it elsewhere.

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so when we geting are pause and hold combos back this block combo stuff is unusable?? or how about blocking  right now you block one  way and die every other way till you give us block reduction for you know the 3 sides were geting shot at from well trying to block 1 side untill this is buffed blocking is a unusable why it is this way ... simple what moron would try to block when there being flanked all the time theres no point to it your better off killing with this said i dont want to go away or stay as the unusable mode it currently is it needs this kind of buff {before you even start protecting blocking just rember the 300 they didnt die because there formation was weak they died becuse the were flanked and the formation was broke block is a mirror image of that formation} the idea of blocking isnt wrong in general  its wrong it doesnt fit the scenario we need tactics that fit the combat were in .

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1 час назад, Spoogity сказал:

Doing this would SERIOUSLY dig into blue potato sales, never gonna happen

Blue/gold potatoes now can be get from nightwave, if you seriously need them + occasional gifts of the lotus + grineer/corpus events. Formas drop like hotdogs from relics quite long time ago. I think though that transfer for majority of weapons won't make much sense for old weapons (bc most of us already reforma'd them) but for new... maybe? I would actually gave that option to vandal/wrath versions so it won't touch prime economics but will give people more options. I honestly don't know what to do with vanilla detron/opticor when mara/vandal arrived bc their upgrade wasn't predictable but tenno weapons eventually all have chance to be primed.

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3 hours ago, GA-Bulletproof said:

So lets read this first.



What we need:

  • Kuva floods to persist
  • Requiem Mods to persist (if Kuva floods don't)
  • Heavy attacks to become faster with an increase in range (or why do them in the first place)
  • Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds should count into normal attacks by 50% to balance out melee weapons that are lost without them.
  • Gunblades should be looked at in order to get them back to where they were without the heavy attack
  • Vauban animation speed needs to be halfed (Bastille)(aside from his Meme Abilities entirely reworked...AGAIN)
    • e.g. Clone Ability: Lets Vauban Clone his Sentinel (scales with PS) 2x at Base. Imagine 4 Helios at 200% PS. That your turret right there!
  • Ember's 2 increases too fast after using her 4 <-- lowered.

I agree with the heavy attacks except for gun blades which are fine as they are regarding heavy attack.

Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds affect melee just fine as is. It's really ambiguous as to what is meant by "should count into normal attacks by 50% to balance out melee weapons that are lost without them". This bullet point needs more explanation.

I'm not sure why you think gun blades are in a bad spot. Redeemer Prime still does a huge amount of damage. You need to use the Killing Blow mod to get the damage you expect.

It's never a good idea to use acronyms when trying to make an argument because they are intrinsically ambiguous. I doubt many people know what is meant by PS. Also, the idea trying to be pushed here is really hard to understand.

Haven't played Ember so I can't say anything about this one.

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First of all, thanks a ton for the effort.

Second, I have a problem with larva spawns in missions when we dont have any lich on our backs. They literally ruin every single affinity runs, mostly adaro exp runs. So i suggest having a repeatable quest for them or seperate node/s with some little lore and/or some little mechanics. That way, they cannot ruin our runs and we will larva/lich free life when we don't need them.

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1. Why nerf Catchmoon only to continue powercreeping newer weapons every single time?

2. Make melee crit be worth a damn, it already takes 6 mods to set it up, meaning you get almost no freedom of choice, so why did it get nerfed so hard? Undo the bloodrush change and re-scale it with the new combo system. Your balance designer has made crit chance mods useless.

3. Why stealth nerf Wukong Iron Staff's range? Is this even intentional? If you are nerfing Primed Reach for a exalted weapon who's range grows on combo, at least ensure the growth is adjusted so that it's equal to pre-melee 3.0. Its complete bullS#&amp;&#036; that you claimed on the patchnotes that Iron Staff wasn't touched at all other than adding heavy attacks and parry angle.

4. Valence Transfers should add a flat 5% elemental bonus to your existing  same weapon so that bad drops are still useful until you hit the cap.

5. Heavy attacks are still worthless and the mods that support it including combo efficiency are still dead in the water due to how many melee mods you need for anything other than the meta builds.

6. Still no relics dropping from Kuva Flood Rescue missions. Are rescue missions a joke to you or is this just something you ignore on purpose as a tax on player's time?

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3 hours ago, toafarmer said:

"Kuva Lich Trading" curious to see that in place.

Since we have had no new playable content in months, it would be nice if that this new aproach to old content gets polished. I got 3x the same weapon (all of them with low % bonus) on my 1st 5 liches.

Dont let us trade them, let us pay off the lich with credits or something so we can fight a new lich. That or they need to do something about duplicate protection. Make it so you dont get a duplicate weapon until all weapons have been unlocked or fully mastered. Because like you, im on my 4th lich, 3 out of the 4 weapons have been dupes. 

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I have one major concern now: wouldn't Kuva Lich trading be essentially Kuva Weapon trading with extra steps? We are going to have people asking for thousands of platinum to give you their Lich with 70%+ weapon rolls. 

This is partially bypassable by letting Valence transfer stack bonuses to 80% and overwriting just the element. This way there would be no mad RNG hunt for perfect Lich roll, and everyone can max out the weapon eventually. 

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5 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:


  1. This does NOTHING to alleviate that fact that once you hit a high roll, which from my experience is >30% elemental bonus over 50% of the liches rolled will be completely useless. A lich can easily take 2-3 hours, more if you have to farm requiem mods. At >50% of liches wasted that is too much time to invest into making ZERO tangible progress. I'd thought you guys would learn some from the horrible riven system but apparently all that was is to do more of the same.
    • Is the clan bounty board going to be bottomless? Because every S#&amp;&#036; rolled lich is going to end up there.
    • Knowing >50% of the time I spend on this system is completely worthless doesnt exactly inspire me to play. I've done 5 liches. None of which have the weapons I want and two of which were drakgoons. Guess which weapon my 5th lich has. That's right. It had that second drakgoon. I have barely been able to convince myself to progress the system since because I know that finishing this lich gives me nothing. I already have a good heat drakgoon and will use that for mastery. In fact it will cost me 6p to keep that toxin drakgoon if I want to be an ultra collector. I also know that chances are very good that the next lich after will very likely not be an upgrade and will likely give me another copy of a weapon I already have meaning the next 3 hours in the game will be completely wasted and that just makes me not want to play.
    • Knowing that just to ENSURE I do not waste any progress by potentially overriding a decent roll of one element with a slightly better one of another element I have to purchase at least 92 weapon slots (one per weapon type per elemental variant, plus at least one extra to hold a weapon with an upgrade roll so I can Valence transfer it) doesnt exactly inspire me to play.
  2. Are you looking forward to players selling off high rolled, desired weapon-element liches for hundreds or thousands of plat? Because that is absolutely going to happen
    • Are you guys planning on ways to enforce trade like this at all? Because I 100% guarantee people are going to get scammed and will not be happy.


Goal: EVERY lich is useful to the player and will grant some amount of progression to a weapon. Even if it is a little bit. If players want to swap liches for faster progression or weapon collection, that is up to them but a player who chooses to solo the system will be able to progress upward towards the cap with EVERY lich thus they are ALWAYS REWARDED for interacting with the lich system. The current system as proposed does not do that.

I propose:

  1. Valence transfer does NOT override the weapon's current element.
  2. If the transferred weapon's bonus is lower than the current weapons, the current weapon's elemental percentage damage will ALWAYS increase based on an exponentially diminishing curve until a cap is hit.
    • This value cannot be below 1% or greater than 5%
    • Example.
      • Weapon A = 20% Heat
      • Weapon B = 20% Toxin
      • Weapon A is valanced into weapon B = 25% Toxin
      • Weapon A =20% Heat
      • Weapon C = 70% Toxin (Cap at 90%)
      • Weapon A is valanced into weapon C = 71% Toxin
      • Weapon D = 50% heat
      • Weapon C = 70% Toxin (cap at 90%)
      • Weapon D is valanced into Weapon C = 73% Toxin
  3. ANY weapon type can be valanced into another weapon type but the % elemental gain from non matching will be at most 3%.
  4. Make another combination option, I'll call it "Synchronize" for now, where ONLY the weapon element is transferred over. Example
    • Weapon A = 20% heat
    • Weapon C = 70% Toxin
    • Weapon A is sync'd into weapon C = 70% heat
  5. Any weapon type can be Sync'd into any other weapon type but non matching weapon types have a 40% chance to fail and not transfer.


Other issues to address: 

  1. The Lich MMA move does not have a very big visual cue, and no audio cue at all. Or at least one that is not very obvious. Yet it is completely uncounterable if you get caught in it and is powerful enough to one shot most warframes.
  • The telegraph and Audio cue needs to be much more obvious and/or the windup at least 1-2 seconds longer so any players meleeing the lich can get out of there. 
  • OR
  • Add some sort of quick time event so that players caught in the grab can minimize the damage

2. Warframes should NOT have to die if they have the wrong requiem. If we are stabbing them it means WE HAVE ALREADY BEATEN THEM. You are punishing players for playing well enough to take down their lich (or at least one of its health bars). I'll say it as many times as I have to: "F**** you, you just plain lose" mechanics in any game IS NOT FUN. You guys just went ahead and put it one into a power fantasy game AND you force the player to interact with it MULTIPLE TIMES AN HOUR if they are seriously farming liches. This doesnt make the lich powerful or scary. It just makes me feel like the game is cheap and want to stop playing.


  • This is one I read on reddit really liked:
    • If all 3 requiems are wrong. The player gets instant death.
    • If 1 requiem is right, the player takes some damage BUT also gets a quick time event which allows them to potentially further mitigate damage.
    • If 2 are right, the player and lich fight to a stalemate
    • If all 3 are right the lich dies.
  • Or You always fight the lich to a stalemate
  • Or based on the amount of damage the lich has done to you before the attempted stabbing: you either die, take minimal damage, or stalemate
  • Or based on the amount of HP you have before stabbing the lich you either die, take minimal damage, or stalemate
  • Or based on your current MR you either die, take minimal damage, or stalemate with higher MR's being much more likely to stalemate.

3. Lich farming is AN ISOLATED ACTIVITY. The player cannot lich farm and do other game systems like relics, kuva siphon, sortie because liches and thralls only appear in their own special mission even if nodes happen to overlap. Liches and thralls should be able to appear ANYWHERE in the system. Regardless of base mission level or type (except arbitrations and simulacrum). Missions on planets the lich has control can simply spawn more thralls and have a far, far higher chance of spawning the Lich itself.

  • Might this be an issue for lower leveled players that get unlucky and caught in the crossfire? Or might players troll lower level players by purposely trying to spawn in Thralls and Liches that they could not possible handle? Maybe. You can just make them attack their target player unless the low MR player attacks them first and does more than... say 5% of a HP bar worth of damage. I also recall you guys are working on an emergency beacon for Empyrean? Give that to lower players. If they see a thrall spawn in they can drop a beacon in response to call in a guaranteed MR 20+ player with a Rank 30 Frame and Weapon.

4. Life steal on melee light attacks needs to be addressed. Survival is noticeably more difficult on squishy melee warframes with the new life strike than with the old channeling life strike. I have played warframe for 6+ years, almost all of that is exclusively meleeing and I can tell you that currently, BY FAR the most safest, comfortable way to melee right now is with the Amalgam Daikyu Target Aquired mod and a Nikana, and it is exactly how old Life Strike functioned.

Forms of healing such as operator healing tend to break the flow of combat and are thus sub-optimal. A huge amount of the heal on heavy attacks is WASTED as there is no such thing as an overheal in warframe.

Furthermore, Healing Return is not viable on the targets that matter most due to the increasing prevalence of 100% status immune targets, not that it healed enough against high level enemies to begin with. Healing return is also not viable with slow, heavy hitting weapons because it heals a very small amount of flat health. Suggestion

  • Add an over-heal mechanic: Warframes can overheal themselves up to 2x their HP but unlike overshields, this health immediately starts to decay by 10-20% per second of whatever the maximum value is. Maybe Vaizarin can have a node that slows this. HoTs CANNOT overheal warframes (ex. Renewal, Magus Repair).
  • Healing return: for every rank, 0.3% life steal on melee damage. Rank 10 HR is 3% life steal.
  • Life steal: per rank, on light attack 0.25% life steal + 5% life steal on heavy attack. Max rank: 1% life steal on light attack, 20% life steal on heavy attack.

5. There is no way to perform precision hits with a melee weapon. This makes the entire weapon category NON VIABLE against many bosses and special units that are either completely immune or have extreme damage reduction except for a tiny weak spot. Proposal:

  • If the player crosshair is over the enemy's weak spot when the weapon hits the melee hit counts as striking the weak spot even rest of the hit arc of strikes non-weak spot parts of the enemy.
  • or Melee hit arcs that include the weak spot only suffer partial damage reduction instead of full reduction or doing no damage at all.
  • or we use the heavy slam to make our own weak spots. I.e. Heavy slam can briefly confer a stunned/vulnerable state to bosses/special units as well as a weak spot with extremely reduced damage reduction. The time the boss is stunned is not more than 5s, larger bosses are stunned for much shorter periods of time. The amount of time the weak spot lasts is not more than 20s and is not dependent on the size of the boss. A higher combo count when the slam was performed will result in longer stun/weak spot durations. "heavier" weapons like hammers will also increase the duration.
    • Example
      • 2x Combo will stun a Nox (a heavy unit) for 2s with 5s weak spot. 
      • 12x Combo will stun a Nox for 5s with a 20s weak spot.
      • 2x combo will stun a Lich (a very heavy unit) for 1s with 3s weak spot. 
      • 12x combo will stun a Lich for 10s with 15s weak spot.
      • 2x Combo will stun a Thumper (a massive unit) for 1s with 2s weak spot.
      • 12x Combo will stun a Thumper for 1s with 10s weak spot
      • Etc, Etc.


Everything else in the hotfix sounds pretty cool. The frequency and size of the daily hotfixes since release is greatly appreciated.

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3 hours ago, AuroraSonicBoom said:

Could we PLEASE have a way to trade weapons, or know which ones a larva will end up wielding so grinding for the MR doesn't become a nightmarish task? Thank you.

i feel like they could make it so the weapon the larva is using is the weapon youll end up getting, so you can down it, look at its weapon and then decide to leave or turn it into a lich depending on if its something you want, only issue i can see with that, though not one to take into consideration gameplay wise, is larvas are supposed to be the weakest of weak grineer, right? "maggots", so seeing one lugging around a huge full auto grenade launcher archgun would be a bit weird

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5 minutes ago, lexandritte said:

I have one major concern now: wouldn't Kuva Lich trading be essentially Kuva Weapon trading with extra steps? We are going to have people asking for thousands of platinum to give you their Lich with 70%+ weapon rolls. 

i was under the impression from before the update came out that it would be a bounty board like system, dont want this lich? go to your dojo, put it on the bounty board and either go and get another one or get one you want right there and then at the bounty board

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please for the love of god bring back the attempting to kill your lich gives murmurs to your squad, like holy S#&amp;&#036; you're better playing lich missions solo now because of it because the A******s are now the majority in lich missions AGAIN.

also can requiem mods have 5 charges instead of 3 that be nice if you're going to keep them uncommon in the relics.

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Thank you all for all your hard work! Love the new Vauban rework I still feel like he needs some more survivability but other than that loving everything about it. Maybe lose the speed pad for an armor grenade that soaks up so much dmg before it breaks? Idk you guys are the professionals. But really just came here to say great work! And thanks for all you do! 

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nobody love troller yalling 'leave my lich alone, respect my opinion'.

well. someone ignoring other 3 waiting spawn of their own.

this is terrible problem what you made DE. seriously.

more people hating kuva lich team play after hotfix 26.0.5 . you nerfed sociality.

people just want to play 'game' not wasting time with forced labor that make no achievement.

I'm just trying to make sense, as much as i love this game.

think about it.

when in mission, your arguing time surpass combat time with watching people degenerating themselves to ape.

can't you understand?(i know this looks little offensive, but someone need to advice if they really care about this.)

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