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The Old Blood: Hotfix 26.0.6 +

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17 hours ago, -AxHx-Vile said:

They're not putting them on blast, because they're simply removing a lot of their comments...

I cannot justify this statement.  As of this moment, I will walk away from it and hope that what you are referring to is social media.  The social media being the primary source for information, despite having a wiki and website, is a baffling and backwards way to structure things.  


I hope greatly that this is not the case.  If you start scrubbing your detractors you often forget what exactly it is they can add to the proceedings.  Listing off a small number of things which anger from the community are responsible for DE finally getting off their backsides and fixing:

  1. Universal vacuum.
  2. The original Oberon rebuild that absolutely sucked.
  3. Movement 2.0, or the removal of super jump as a requirement for a power slot.
  4. Abiliies requiring a mod slot.  Remember those good old days when you could get Loki as a starter, but not go invisible until you could grind the mod much later in the star chart?
  5. Abilities unlocking as you rank up with a frame.
  6. Removal of the requirement for 1024 mods to be farmed to get a fully ranked health/armor/shield mod.  Yeah, endo was after a miserable time with the old mod system.
  7. etc....


If DE forgets that there were a lot of stupid decisions made, and they fixed them after either community anger or feedback, we're going to get more crap like the Lich system.  It must be good because it just copies a well known and loved system, right?  It couldn't be that they installed so much grind and RNG into the system, without a reward matching the associated challenge.  It couldn't be that people are angry that the big mainline update promised just isn't fun enough to cover the broken RNG system.  It also couldn't be that a 180 level grind (30+32+34+36+38+40) to unlock the potential on a weapon that may or may not be what you wanted with a desired element is a thing.


I've already done quite a bit to propose basic fixes to the system.  Let me offer one last basic change, that would make all of my whining stop and the system function.  You start the Lich run by completing a series of spy vaults.  The spy vaults offer you a random selection of potential Liches, based upon the a list of weapons you haven't gotten, until you get all 13.  After the 13 are had, it's an RNG roll from all 13.  The chosen mission would allow you to select a warframe, and complete an exterminate that unlocks a Lich.  100% player consent, player choice on buffs, and the game still gets RNG on where and what the buffs to the Lich are.  You can then incorporate all of the other suggestions, leaning heavily on the murmur system being jettisoned into the sun (where it belongs).  

DE get to have a Lich system straight out of Mordor.  Liches get stronger by player consent, they can keep the stupid mods, players still have an incentive to get multiple variants of weapons (for the bonuses), but stuff they don't like can be obtained, worked through mastery, then sold off.  


But what do I know?  What do any of us know?  Yeah, steps 1-7 above are a huge finger pointing to us knowing the game better than them.  As they put it, they can't find all of the bugs that players can...but they sure can release something where basic mechanics are bugged.  I used to think this was just small errors, but after the Eidolons and Raids...I think it's either a feature or they are unable to be better.  Either way, it's time for another mob justice "haters gonna hate" incident to get them back on track.

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Hi everyone,

basicaly I like the ideas behind Melee 2.0, e.g. that some op weapons/mods were nerfed and melee got more balanced and interesting.
However, following changes make me sad - it would be nice if you could overthink/fix them:

1) Zenistar disk was a nice and very useful (not overpowered) crowd control tool. Now the disk duration is only 10 seconds which renders it as good as useless (now its just a fun effect without any real impact) --> please give my favorite melee the old purpose back

2) I have the feeling that crit builds/mods got nerfed too hard, especially in combination with combo counter, maybe you can recheck and compare 😉

Anyways, thank you for all the hard work!

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