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Ignis Causing Freeze Then Crash


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If I play solo or host no problem at all with it. As soon as I start firing when joined with others as a client the game becomes choppy then extremely laggy, not too long later everything starts freezing. Only started using the Ignis again lately also no problem with Embolist.


You guys test it out and see if its just me or not.


Not that it matters...probably, but my mods are-

1 level off max Serration

Max Rifle Ammo Mutation

1st level Cryo Ammo

2nd level Bane of Infested

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maby your vid card cant handle the pressure


Thanks for the reply, but seriously? My very first sentence disproves that. Anyhow its a AMD Radeon 6900 series so yeah, its not that nor my PC specs.

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