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Loot gone after a Stalker/Lich fight and not returned when Lich dead

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Usually I wouldn't complain much about losing some random stuff but this time i lost the smoking ephemera, which I've been trying to get for so long. This is how it happened:

  1. I'm hunting for my Lich with all 3 murmurs known and equipped. I think it was either and exterminate or a capture mission, on a corpus ship.
  2. Stalker appears mid mission and I kill him and get the smoking ephemera, prompt appears and all.
  3. Then something hits me and I immediately die while stalker is still kneeling down (i think it shouldn't be so relevant since i had already gotten the items)
    I even pressed TAB to check my loot progress and it showed the ephemera in that window.
  4. I continue the mission and encounter my Lich. I attack it's first two murmurs and on the third one something similar happens:
    I get him to kneel down but then I die. When I revive myself I go after him and the prompt for executing the third mercy strike is there so I press X but nothing happens. The Lich then disappears.
  5. I finish the mission and find no loot other than some stolen credits, which I find weird since I usually hoard on everything I find. And for an 8 minute mission with not a single mod or resource I thought maybe the UI was bugged and the Lich had stolen everything.
  6. I proceed to do two more missions to take down my Lich and try to recover my stuff. I do so in the second mission but no Ephemera was there. 

Here are the pictures of both missions. 



Mission where Stalker and Lich appear and ephemera is gone.5pzX1E3.jpg



Mission where I kill my Lich and recover my stuff, no ephemera there. mtvu51R.jpglDTu08V.jpg2KhJZBy.jpgUYkZqz1.jpg99619uL.jpg



Arsenal showing no Smoking ephemera there.



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Your lich, did not steal your ephemera, it does not show as stolen in this picture. I'm going to assume, that credits is not the Only resource you picked up in that mission, in which case a different bug hapenned that did not reward you pickups during mission, which the lich could not steal as you were not being given those rewards in the first place. I'm also going to assume, that dying to the lich solo, triggers some sort of soft fail of the mission, regardless of actual conditions of failing the mission, meaning you only get to keep Exp, and mission reward, but no loot pickups or the bonus exp for completing objective successfuly.5pzX1E3.jpg

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Hey lordfezero! I am seeing a Smoking Body ephemera blueprint in your account, unlike the newer ephemera you will have to craft this one!

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Riiiight, I completely forgot about having to craft it, silly me.

I just got caught up in the whole "missing stuff" from that mission. 

Thanks a lot!!!

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