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Fashionframe - Splitting Helmet from Body

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Not long ago the Ability Energy Color was split from the Frame Energy Color, which allowed a larger variety when it comes to Fashionframe.

The same goes for Attachments, Syandana, and Regalia. They all have a separate coloring tab.

Helmets though are still bound to the Color of the Frame...

With more and more Tennogen Skins and Helmets releasing, it would be a great addition to split those two too.

Let me show you something.

This is my Vauban. I really like the Citadel Body, with the metallic extras in Silver, Copper and Gold. The Helmet though is not really what im looking for. But hey, we have some nice Tennogen skins, right?


This is also my Vauban. I paid with real money for the Graxx Skin, because its Tennogen.
The Body looks a bit too soft for my taste, but i really like the Helmet.


Now...i can only have one.

I can have the nice looking, gold and silver Body...with a weird plastic, brownish Helmet.

Or i can have the nice looking, plain white Helmet with a bland looking Body



Please DE, split them.

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