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Forma Bug With Inventory Glitch


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Hi I've encountered a forma bug.


I tried to forma my lv 30 Trinity on 28th sept Saturday at around 12:32pm but after I put the forma into the frame I am still in the Trinity Mod Screen with all the mods intact. I put in another forma but I was still in the Trinity Mod Screen.at lv 30.


Then afterwards I exited the mod screen and went back in to see that my Trinity was at level 1 with no mods.

I then went into my inventory screen to see that I still had 2 formas remaining. 


At that time I had another forma  in the foundry ready to be collected but when I tried to collect it the game stopped responding. I tried to log off and on again but I experienced some errors logging on. 


I then closed warframes and opened the game again, but when I checked my inventory I only had 1 forma in there, which was the one I picked up in the foundry previously. 


So in the process of the bug I believe I lost 2 already made Formas.

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