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My Stream, At It Again


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Hi guys,

so last time I tried this, I didn't get much attention or upvotes :(

Well a few weeks have passed now and so far my stream was rather well received. Got a few followers and I'm way more knowledgeable in streaming than last time around.

There's already some streaming highlights and guides for you guys to check out, comment and hopefully give me feedback on. A LOT more to come VERY soon.

About myself: I'm a Rank 12 Tenno with all frames and almost all weapons. I will practically always have some other highly ranked and knowledgable Tennos with me in Teamspeak. We theorycraft a lot.

I have a Dyrus-esque monotone and very chill voice, will play all kinds of good music and am always up for answering any game or to my various hobbies related questions. If I overlook your question, please be patient with me, I'm still improving a lot every day.


If you have any interest in gaming streams or Warframe, please stop by, say hi and help me improve:



Today I'll be leveling Galatine, Synapse and Djinn.

I'll always share my thoughts and am happy to answer any questions, even personal ones, if I can :)


I'd appreciate any upvotes or comments, even if they are negative.
Every feedback helps me a lot.
Thanks for your attention =)

Edit: Still streaming: on my way to perfect Galatine, Ogris and double Nekros farming + mellow music to booth :)

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