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The future of the kuva liches:

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This is an idea only if a kuva lich could be used at (own) discretion on the Rail Jack or other missions.  You could implement special missions that have to do with the liches both their history and co-op play with the liches you have converted, in these missions you would gain reputation with your liche and you could earn special rewards to improve it both aesthetically and in its statistics.  Such as: -Syandanas -Armor parts -Body Parts -Helmets -New Skins  The concept of the mission could be a combination of relic missions given to its reward system, an example would be the longer you defend, survive, defend, or meet more objectives than the mission gives you, you can choose one of the rewards, otherwise you can choose the reward if you fulfill what you are asked for, they will give you "rare" rewards and if you only meet the minimum they will give you "common" rewards.    I repeat these rewards could be to improve the appearance of the lich (due to the history of the orokin and the early grineer, who were more "beautiful" at those times – Excluding Cressa Tal of course) and also improve their stats or weapons.  Thank you for reading this, I really hope you´d like these ideas. 

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