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[Warframe Concept] Vulcan, The Black-Smith


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Vulcan (from the Roman mythology) is a warframe based on the metal control




Health: 100  (250 lvl.30)

Shields: 100  (275 lvl.30)
Armor: 100    (after all, he is a metal master)

Power: 100  (150 lvl.30)





1- Blade dance (energy cost: 25)

Summon 2 blades (add 1 blade per upgrade, 5 blades on the last lvl) turning around the warframe and dealing medium damage during 10 seconds. After 10s, the blades are projected and impale all the ennemies on their trajectory


2- Sharpening (energy cost: 50)

Add damage to the melee weapon and weapon like the Paris or Kunai by increasing their sharpening and add a small chance to make a critical hit with the melee weapon too during 10/10/13/15 seconds



3- Automaton (energy cost: 75)

Vulcan make a automaton who deal small melee damage and have a medium health. when it died, it provoke an explosion, dealing heavy damage on a medium area but stun the enemies on this area

4- Midas's river (energy cost: 100)

Vulcan cover an huge area with iron and melt the enemies weapon to expand the size of the covered area. After a little time lapse, he turn the area into a carpet spikes, dealing heavy damage to all the enemies and disarm them. During 5 seconds, all the enemies walking on the carpet spikes receive damage.



I can't does an illustration (I'm really bad at drawing, sorry) but if I have to make a description of what he would look like, I imagine a armor like the heavy armored knight and a helmet like the gladiator! Such a badass ^-^
If my warframe idea please you, you can also make a art of what it would look like!
Thx you to have take the time to read my idea and srry for the grammar mistake, English isn't my main language :l

I wish that you want as hard as me to see this Warframe in game.

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