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Excalibur Radial Javelin replacement

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Radial Javelin is a particularly odd ability from the early days of Warframe. Formerly Excalibur's ultimate, I feel like it doesn't really mesh well with Excalibur/Umbra's theme of being a very melee oriented/blademaster type Frame and could be replaced with something more evocative of a blademaster/swordsman.

I was discussing this on Region chat a few nights ago with another guy who suggested a "spectral blades" ability for Excalibur, basically a toggled buff that would summon spectral/energy swords that orbit around Excalibur adding additional hits to melee attacks and defend him from projectiles. I expanded on this by suggesting that the spectral blades created be related to which sword he has equipped as far as his melee weapon, such as Nikanas if he's using a Nikana, two-handed Nikana if he has one, dual blades, heavy blades, etc., and even a synergy between Spectral Blades and Exalted Blade.

Radial Javelins could be spawned on ground slams and/or slide attacks, as well (Possibly on a cooldown).

Basically, Spectral Blades would be a buff that would summon up to four Summoned Swords that would block projectiles while using ranged weapons (obviously not all projectile attacks, and obviously not from all angles), add additional hits when using melee attacks (As each Summoned Sword would also attack the melee target with potential for follow-through, status procs, etc.), and possibly other combat functions. The types of spectral blades would have different abilities and stats (One-handed swords would summon up to 4 individual swords with standard stats, Nikanas would spawn up to 3 Nikanas that utilize fast quick-draw Iai style slashes and reflect projectiles towards enemies, Two-Handed Nikanas would spawn up to 2 Two-Handed Nikanas that would utilize wide-spinning sweeps that cleave through enemies with higher chance of slash procs, Heavy Blades would summon 1-2 Greatswords that stagger and cleave enemies, and Rapiers summon 5-6 Rapiers that focus on reflecting projectiles towards other nearby enemies and thrust into enemies for puncture and slash procs but with less overall damage).

Spectral Blades/Summoned Swords would also summon Slash Waves during Exalted Blade, extending their reach, as well as allowing them to operate semi-independently of Excalibur himself by moving to separately attack other nearby enemies.

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Yeah, almost exactly like Dante's final sword special ability from DMC 5 in that they get summoned and provide various offensive and support bonuses while active.

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