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Losing Debt Bonds

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Hey there,

Not really a "Mission" issue per se, but I can't see a more relevant place to put this issue.

Put simply, the Debt-Bonds I'm getting are vanishing from my inventory at an alarming frequency.  They're behaving similar to Argon Crystals in their decaying but at what seems to be a faster rate.

To give an example.  I went to Fortuna not even an hour ago to purchase enough Medical Debt Bonds to rank up from Rapscallion to Doer.  After ranking up, I checked how many bonds I needed and what kind for the next rank to see which were safe to sell.  It said that I had 5 Advances, 17 Medical, 15 Shelter against the necessary ones to rank up.  Which led me to think that I can go turn in 7 Medical and 3 Shelter to Ticker for some standing.  Only when I get there, according to him I only have 5 Advances, 7 Medical, 0 Shelter, and 21 Training bonds.  Going back to Eudico confirms these amounts.

This isn't an isolated incident as there have been a number of times I've only needed 2 debt bonds to satisfy a rank-up requirement, so I've gone to do a Bounty in Orb Vallis gotten the needed 2 bonds, only to come back to Fortuna and find that now I need an addition 3 debt bonds, as if three of them had decayed while I was on a Bounty.

Please let me know if there is in-fact a hidden decay timer on these bonds because everywhere I've read seems to suggest these have no expiry on them and I should be able to stockpile them and turn them in for standing as I would any other Syndicate.

Thanks in advance!

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AFAIK there is no decay rate on the debt bonds. In fact I've just checked my account where I haven't acquired debt bonds in some weeks and they're still all in my inventory. It sounds to me like your account isn't updating correctly after you rank up or trade the bonds.

The best thing I can suggest is that you log a support ticked with DE.

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