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Galatine Buff?


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Rhino roar > 21900 charge damage on a light infested, buff please.

It's good it has no regular damage, but the charge damage is just ridiculously high.


Hitting with the charge attack is very easy when you learn the weapon range.

Hmm, maybe even more damage potential if you have Nova and Rhino in group, and you are Loki.

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Busy day Tulzscha, isnt it? XD


Btw looks like a L2P issue, Galatine's range is really small compared to its size on charged attacks


Just another busy Monday on forums, right after a Tenno Reinforcement weekend. :D


It took me a while to get the hang of the Galatine's effective range myself, the length of the weapon is indeed deceiving relative to its hitbox. The Orthos Prime has better range I think. However after testing a max Reach mod on the Galatine I can now charge-kill Toxic Ancients safely without being caught in the poison cloud.

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