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Leave The Gun Bring The Blade.


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What if we could have an option to have a melee oriented build?

Melee and only melee.

No gun.

By doing that the melee in use could get a bonus according to the type of your melee.

Something like speed and normal swing damage for longswords,stealth kill and finishing moves will always 1HKO for daggers,heavies gets their charge damage boosted.

Scince you dont carry any gun or ammo your warframe could be a little more fast and sneaky.


It would make an new fun way to play the game.


Ill post this in the feedback,maybe someone will see this.I hope.

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Some good thoughts on all the above.

...at least bring Melee up to par currently for a start anyway, their almost  useless at uppermid levels. More of an ornament to highest levels anyway, with current Melee Weapons IMO. Loved using them in lower levels... alternating weapons thru missions ... ;)

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Well ive always posted about wanting a MELEE frame... and i mean MELEE frame not a stealth crit frame Loki/Ash or a Tanky frame Rhino/Frost

but a WF build around ...whacking stuff!

Closest i have come up with is Melee specd Ash with Miter/Hikou/Gram  for ALL blade weapons :)


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I could see maybe sacrificing your primary or secondary (or both) for some kind of melee perks but having 3 primaries/secondary/melee would be kind of dumb IMO.

Thats not what i want,im talking about having one weapon: Your melee.

Thats all youll be bringing to the mission.

Your sword and yourself.

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