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Anyone Else Having Issues Joining Others? D:


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After yesterdays update I did a few Void runs with friends, and everything was fine. This morning though I get a slightly delayed Strict-Nat error upon logging in, and despite being in " Online " mode , i'm unable to join parties. I know about trying to Port-Forward when I need to, but sadly AT&T routers such as mine do not allow full freedom to port-forward at all, and also does not support UPnP. I'v always had the Strict-Nat pop up since I first played Warframe during its Closed Beta, so this is nothing new.



Even on maps such as Kappa or Xini, showing 4+ people currently playing them, I'm stuck at the " finding" phase of a party, which normally for me takes 1 second before being loaded into a map, but now no matter where I go I cannot join any mission.


I'll be restarting my Router/Computer here shortly after this post and see if that fixes anything, but has anyone else been having issues after the update?




EDIT: Upon resetting my router I was finally able to join games normally, and the Strict-Nat pop-up was not delayed.

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i'got this before 10.2, the exact update before that about 2 days ago ?
i've always got strict NAT before but i was at least still able to join random games thru online mode, joining other people, and even host a game for some,


starting that last update, i see that whenever i try to join other people's game, the loading bar would stuck at 3/4 and stays there for sometime, i will then be kicked back to main menu.


i can join my friends and clan mates lobby, but when the game starts the same thing happened and i got kicked back to main menu.


it's getting better now tho lag somewhat still spikes while my net is just fine ?


has there anything about matchmaking touched in the update ? but my other clan mates are just fine ? :|

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