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Your Djinn Not Working?



Well so I've had him for about a week now and I've noticed he dosnt shoot or use fatal attraction at all. This got me frusterated and thinking that maybe mods affected it for not shooting and using its ability. First took off fatal attration and that didnt work and then i took off my Coolant Leak mod. And its now working like a sentinal again :) So if any of you guys have that rare mod dont use it on the Djinn yet.

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I don't even hace coolant leak.

Apparently, according to some people who tested it needs at least two enemies within it's range to go off. Whether that's the case or not it does not matter, I even took thumper off mine once and still nothing.

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Where did you put Coolant Leak?


The position of sentinel mods is important.


Yeah, especially with Coolant Leak. If you place it first, all the other mods stop working. If there is one or more percepts before Coolant, Coolant stops working.

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