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Xini Map Type Bug.


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The defense mission at Xini has only one map and it is widely used in other defense missions as well. However there is one bug I found to be quite hilarious after a bit of playtestin'. 


When you go to the ramp to the left of the cryopod there are 2 open gaps in the railing, the first one at the wall is no problem....However the one closest to the ramp can let you wall run under the container! But when you do you cannot escape! It falls you into the respawn zone and tries to take you back into the container! Only to fail time and time again into infinity. You can't wall run out, you can use AoE abilities with accuracy (I was still helping with WoF), but you will not be able to see much. 


I would post a screenshot but I don't know how (new to PC gaming sadly and I didn't download from steam).

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