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Ember Inferno and Immolation bugs

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From what I've seen on the Wiki, and assuming this is correct info, Immolation is supposed to increase Inferno's impact damage based on its current %. This however is not the case, neither for hosts nor for clients, the damage always stays the same (this could be erroneous info on the wiki however).

Other bugs related to host vs client is Inferno's meteor impact, from what I've seen the meteors are supposed to apply a heat proc when they impact the target, this however is not the case for clients, it seems to be highly inconsistent whether it procs or not. Inferno also has strange targeting logic when you are a client (?), it's supposed to target all enemies that are within range and in the direction of the camera, for clients, and sometimes for hosts, if enemies are above or behind a door/wall Inferno will not target them unless you had direct line of sight of them beforehand. Another bug, based on Inferno's description, is the fact that Inferno's rings do not proc heat under any circumstance, neither as a host nor as client, nor do the rings spread to unaffected enemies no matter how long they stay within the ring's aoe.

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