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Stop Giving Me This Modification! D:


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*edited names for whatever reason*



I literally had this mod offered to me EVERY 5 waves 6 times, I should have taken the other screenshots as well, but I did not think i'd be offered it past the 10th wave, oh of course not, silly me for thinking otherwise :x



Here I am trying to find a Banshee Helmet/Flow Modification and i'm offered this, thanks RNG/DE.





Please at least make it where someone CANNOT be offered the same mod twice in a row in Defense, if I didn't want it the first 5 times, I sure as hell don't want it the 6th time, Please? D:




Side-Note, to those whom read my other threads, I can hold my own with my Grakata , Level 121+ on this route.

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Few nights ago this is all i got, then the next morning the first run i did on xini at wave 5 i got barrel diffusion. Don't think i'll ever squee like that ever again. ._.

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Would that happen to be this one? http://sunbla.de/Warframe/SedR/

Found this on the thread about searching for Hell's Chamber and a couple other shotgun mods.

Used this until yesterday when it just went on an unending loading screen >.<

That's the one. The way the defense rewards are determined is not random all the way. What you get determines what you will get later on.

IIRC only 5 and 10 are truly random, rest is railroaded.

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