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Kuva Weapon Hit Rank 40 Without 5 Forma

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I went to go change my loadout to the one I have been using to level my new Kuva weapons and noticed this on the loadout screen,


Which doesn't seem too weird until you realize I don't have that many forma on those weapons, and their correct rank is shown in the arsenal screen,


These are the current maximum rank for these weapons with the Shildeg's upgrade screen showing the two forma I put on it so far and it's current max rank,


With the loadout selection showing the Shildeg as max rank (40), I decided to check my profile for the mastery progress on it and found this,


(Note: I only have one Shildeg, the one shown in the pictures above)

Now for some context: I had previously completed a Hydron Axi fissure with these weapons, which were rank 24-28 when I started the mission. The mission went for 20 waves, making each weapon hit their maximum rank within the mission itself, needing little to no bonus xp from completion to hit their current max rank.

I think that the bonus xp somehow bypassed the rank restriction, ranking up the weapons more than they were supposed to, and then they were then cut back down in rank to what they should be in the arsenal while maintaining the mastery gains.

The mod capacity of each is also what it should be at their current max rank (arsenal), not the rank shown in the loadout screen.

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the images you supplied as proof seem to have been taken down from the host site or an inexcessible to those without access to your google image share. (guessing from their URL names)




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including screenshot as example

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