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Scanning kavat and other things

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Wiki and update news says scanning kavat has 25% chance to get kavat gene.

I try it in simulacrom, 20 ordinary scans gives me 12 kavat gene. I've bought resource boosters, so this is normal. But! The cross-matrix weidget doesn't work. Each time I scan a kavat there's no more than 2 kavat gene earns, even if "double-scan" hint shows up.

For Heliocor, I killed 100 kavats and get also 12 gene.

So there's only 20%~25% chance to get things correctly scanned with Heliocor? Or someone simply forget about this change?

Also I use Heliocor to finish a misson on E-Prime on Earth. Then I check both Frontier Lancer and Lancer 's scanning times: they don't change. I can clearly see the scanned FX effect on some of those killed lancers.

So it's a bug of Heliocor? Or it is intended?

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