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I think I've played Warframe long enough, time for a review.


First Impressions:

The install/updates were really fast so that made me happy and left me with a good feeling coming into the game. Once I was in, I was impressed by the simple-yet-polished 3D graphics that look good, yet don't cause too much strain on graphics cards. The opening cinematics were impressive and made the game's entrance feel like a movie. Although one thing I would do would be to remove the caption "The Chamber" from the opening cinematic and just have "WARFRAME" there. I really liked how your Tenno dropped from the cryotube to be thrust into the conflict, it made me reminisce about the first time I played Halo: Combat Evolved. The whole "Cryotube-Amnesiac" thing is fine, although I really wish it was less cheesy. What I mean by that is, in my mind atleast, "Space ninja drops from cryotube, mysterious omnipotent AI tells space ninja that he is a space ninja, space ninja randomly gets weapons and knows how to use them and doesn't question anything going on" thing feels really amateur in story-telling. Also, this whole story-thing at the beginning ends up being really misleading to the rest of the game, as there is virtually no story to it whatsoever. But still, 11/10 for a great hook, as it still kept me playing through the otherwise dull game haha. Also, I don't know if this was fixed or not, but the tutorial doesn't tell you what buttons to press, so I had to check the keybindings list to figure that out.

Summary: Fast install, nice graphics, cool intro, cheesy/misleading start, not-so-helpful tutorial.


Gameplay Impressions:

The missions are fun, albeit very repetitive. It feels like I'm doing the same exact thing over and over again, with a thin veil of randomly-generated maps and new textures/enemies to hide the fact that you are indeed doing the same exact thing over and over again. That aside, I like the variety of mission OBJECTIVES, although once again, they feel really repetitive after a while. The enemies feel like they actually are intelligent, and the variety of them makes it a challenge. The combat is fast-paced and intense, I'm very pleased with you taking another one from the Halo playbook with the regenerating shields/health system, the use of the stamina mechanic is well-implemented and helps limit what a player can do without being too restrictive, and the Warframe ability mechanic is well crafted and polished. Some balancing should still be done, but otherwise very nice. The 3-weapon-loadout system is well designed as well, and the idea to have melee available at any time was well thought out. The ability to play solo OR online was also an ingenious implementation. Although online seems to have a frequent appearance of people who seem to enjoy speed-running everything which robs people who actually want to play the game of loot and affinity.

Summary:  Fun but repetitive missions, smart and varied enemies, excellent combat, minor issues with online.



My friends and I set up a clan and I have to say that this is one of the best guild-systems I have come across. The idea of creating your own Dojo and being able to customize it how you please is amazing and easily one of the coolest features of the game. The systems that are in place to allow clans to do research and have fun in their dojo are excellent and well-planned. Although the Forma thing is REALLY frustrating as you either have to sit and pray you are one when a blueprint drops from an alert, or spend real money on platinum to be able to do anything with your dojo.

Summary: Excellent clan system, dojo is fun and unique, Forma is very restrictive and annoying.



Premium currency is to be expected with a free to play online game, but come on people... the base 50 you get for making an account gets you exactly nothing. some components, a couple Forma, maybe a scarf or badge, but anything that a player would actually WANT? Nope. And the prices for Platinum are over-the-top and down right greedy. $25.00 for a warframe? I don't think so. Yes I know you guys need to make money from somewhere, but these prices are too outlandish. You SERIOUSLY need to do one of two things: give people the ability to make Platinum for free, or add in a bunch more items and lower their platinum costs. Because as it stands, this is by far one of the worst premium currency systems I have ever come across.

Summary: Ya done goof'd.


Overall Impressions:

All I can say for Warframe now is: It has a vast amount of potential. And when I say vast, I mean E3 awards potential. Possibly even GotY. Is it anywhere near that? No. But the way the game is going I can see it getting there soon. Keep adding new features, keep listening to your players, keep polishing the systems already in place, and Warframe will be amazing. As it stands now, it is really fun, but that fun is fleeting after a while as the game starts to feel repetitive with no real objective in sight. 

Summary: Lots of potential, but still needs work.




GRAPHICS: ----------------------------------85/100

GAMEPLAY: ---------------------------------90/100

SOCIAL: --------------------------------------70/100

LEVEL DESIGN: -----------------------------75/100

ENEMY DESIGN: ---------------------------90/100

MISSION DESIGN: -------------------------80/100

STORY: ---------------------------------------65/100

MECHANICS: --------------------------------90/100

PREMIUM: -----------------------------------40/100


OVERALL: ------------------------------------76/100



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I can't rly agree with his review,


GRAPHICS: ----------------------------------85/100
GAMEPLAY: ---------------------------------90/100
SOCIAL: --------------------------------------70/100
LEVEL DESIGN: -----------------------------75/100
ENEMY DESIGN: ---------------------------90/100
MISSION DESIGN: -------------------------80/100
STORY: ---------------------------------------65/100
MECHANICS: --------------------------------90/100

PREMIUM: -----------------------------------40/100


Graphics: it's okayish it has it's moments, the PhysX is a nice eyecandy but that's pretty much all, to add to graphics I would add design, I really like the organic different style from warframe, it's rather unique and looking at models you will directly know what you have to do.


the social aspect is meh, it's max 50/100, buddies, coop, communication (not even own chat channels) I can't really say it's that good other games do it way easier and better. Vindictus for example you also have to host for yourself, but public areas are hosted by the publisher. you can interact with emotions or chat better (post system, messenger system)

the only thing that pushed the social aspect up to 50 is simply the dojo, I have to agree with that, it's fun, but without an active dojo list with an actual bigmap you get lost and it's more of a hassle.


to the point level design, I really don't understand why you gave it a 70/100, the level design from the tutorial is nice, and the new orokin void looks awesome, but that's all it just look awesome but it doesn't feel well designed FOR the warframe movement at all, you get easily stuck, and most maps don't even give you a good oppurnity to parkour and freerun, although it's part of the game,  most tilesets are just too small and stuck up to parkour well.


enemy design: how they look: awesome, but that's all, the AI is dumb, it has this AI: alerted stat: shoot every tenno, they don't try to circle around you, flank you or catch you offguard. all they do is chasing to you and shoot, and usually they walk in slowmotion to you which you shouldn't expect from a fast paced game. often it doesn't feel fast paced at all. and often they just shoot walls, somehow they don't like walls.

all they have is pinpoint accuracy, all aimbots nothing else, which is sad.

challenging is differnt not simple bulletsponges.

except lephantis lephantis can be challenging and it's finally different. also some boss rework helped a little bit.

the first impression was: they're hard to fight, since they're tanky as F*** (grineer) and they are aimbots with autoaim, giving you the false impression from challenging and hard.

max 60/100 here.


and to mission design. the first impression is repetive but the survival gave a fresh feeling to warframe, let's see what happens with the other mission types nonetheless as you said it's repetive. same here 60/100


Story well there's no real story there's no leading hints etc. that should be a 30/100 the events are nice add a little bit to the story but that's not enough.


mechanics idea 90/100 yes but does it work? often nope! here a 50/100 parkour is clunky and not consistent. primary, melee and secondary all ready sounds nice, and it is really nice, but since melee is boring and doesn't reward the high risk, it's pretty much a disappointment.


and to premium 80/100, prices are high for sure, but the premium stuff you really need (slots and potatoes) is cheap as hell. it's fair and you can get potatoes through alerts. in my opinion there's almost NO f2p game with a fair casshop. warframe is one of the exceptions which is great.

although there's so much praise only a 80/100 because the other stuff doesn't want give you the impulse to buy it randomly. it's overpriced. but as I said luckily everything is obtainable through normal gameplay! and it's even generous that DE decided to gift the player with 50 start platinum, enough for the needs!

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i only agree with the platinum , they should make like crossfire do survey to get platinum i would do it whole day . also there is no story  , the graphic is very amazing , the gameplay is like 90/100 the other 10 are because when you fight so many enemies you cant see any thing just spray with your gun and spam skills and run 

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I played a long time, look at my other posts or just the Ember feedback thread.

This game developer does not know how to listen to its player base. They only gave rhino the ability to tank again because the rhino player base is large and they were losing money from the change.

The game is also sexist because all female frames have had their survivability nerfed repeatedly and ember can no longet tank. The game developers priorities are in the wrong place because they nerf bad frames and buff top tier stuff. Yes, there are tiers on the frames. Deal with it. Balance is bad.

Game is bad. Developers are bad. Game used to be better but they made stupid choices.

The game gets more content but becomes worse with each patch. There are serious balance issues.

Any potential players reading this, if you must play it, don't become founder or give them money. I regret doing it and I was a HUGE fan of DE and brought alot of people into the game. I feel guilty for bringing them into this cash grab.

Once the novelty of being a space ninja wears off, you are left with a bad taste in your mouth because of the (basically) korean cash shop design where they make new things powerful, nerf them to be useless, sell you a new thing to replace what you could do before with stuff you already had. etc.

Unattractive games come from unattractive sources.

gameplay bad/10

exploration bad/10

space ninja 11/10 but wears off

cash shop bad/10

weapon inventiveness bad/10

ability to keep idiots occupied for hours grinding out the next item or waiting on it to build with cash shop


sex appeal bad/10

ability to make me reevaluate my career choice because I don't want to risk becoming a bad developer 11/10 (Thanks for showing me the scary possibilities)

overall amount of time gating: ALL OF IT.

sexism bad/10

likelihood the developers will change the frame you are playing so that it doesn't even fulfill the roles it could before: 100% with time no matter what frame you are on

player money milking farm 11/10

I'm not even trying anymore. Pick up a real game that you can come back to in a year and say that it honestly improved rather than just getting uninspired reskins of weapons and tilesets.


This is all I got from that: You're mad because Warframe is still a work-in-progress game and the developers are still figuring out how to get everything to work correctly.


If you don't like the game, then leave.


And calling the game sexist...really?

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Trinitys shoes and skirt still look like they gave an ape with a lobotomy a pen and asked them to draw the concept art and she still is nowhere within the tier of nova rhino vauban and etc. It takes forever to kill anything and tanking has been severely limited. They promised us a redesign and still never did it but were busy with ugly weapons to amuse the cash shop crowd. If I switch to any one of those frames I am able to basically finish the level with half the risk, half the time wasted, half the effort. Not balance.













Still with me here?









Welcome to the world of unfinished games.

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Progress usually looks a bit different to me. A little less like making horrible decisions, usually.

Then leave.


Email them, tell them them they suck and have them delete your account, then go play something else and don't *@##$ just because you made a horrible decision with your own money.

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Im sorry but I dont think you should be doing a review yet. Youve only put in a few hours(I know because your profile says so)and you havent really experienced everything the game has to offer. Take it from someone who has played for almost 200 hours, and their are even people who have played 500 hours. This is only a first impression, not a review.

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Im sorry but I dont think you should be doing a review yet. Youve only put in a few hours(I know because your profile says so)and you havent really experienced everything the game has to offer. Take it from someone who has played for almost 200 hours, and their are even people who have played 500 hours. This is only a first impression, not a review.


As a player with 397:28:22 listed as my time played, I can completely agree with (let's call him) K's review of the game. He's slightly off the mark with storyline, but I feel as though his other points are valid.

A new player's impression of the game is also widely appreciated, and, from my point of view, his views reflect my own. The game (unfortunately) doesn't change all that much from the get-go; in my "vast" amount of hours played, I don't feel all that much progression from when I first started out. The level cap system plays a role in this, and at rank 9 I've maxed out all non-primed frames at least once. DE doesn't make me feel as though I've progressed much due to the 'low' cap, but I can't complain because if it was higher, the masses'd complain about grinding.


tl;dr I agree with OP, and I'd like to assert that time played doesn't affect much in regards to being able to review warframe.

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first off, stop flaming eachother, retain topic.. no point in feeding sahfiel's fire.  He has a point that some things aren't going well. 


Regarding your op:  Story is non existant.  Lore is being implemented but in a poor codexical way( steve or scott said this in the last livestream i think) so there is nothing story-wise to be told. 


Enemies are laughable.  there's no intelligence to be found in them.  The grineer have perfect aim, scaling damage, increased armor and shielding( both the armor scaling and damage are being looked at thankfully) and spending enough time fighting them alone will make you laugh at some of the things they do.  For example: Grineer scorpions running in circles.  Grineer lancers guarding walls instead of hallways where you may come down.  ( many other factions have these same two problems though on corpus at least they miss due to their weaponry not being hitscan)


Graphics wise it is a beautiful game.  Very well done, though there are a lot of glitches and things that need to be polished


As for the Work in progress bit, I'm sorry but i'm going to have to disagree with you sir.  This game is set to launch fully this winter when ps4 launches, they've come out and said it themselves.  Sony is even backing them.  Also telling people to leave because they do not like a game is not a good way to maintain creativity and draw.  Critics will always have things to say that are bad, and sometimes good and it helps the game to grow not stagnate or retard its process thereof.  If he points out faults and 300 other people agree with him, then there is a good chance that his claims have some merit.


Time played doesn't have much to do with reviewing, however it does have to do with being able to notice some glaring holes in the game as a whole.


This all being said, thank you for your time for writing up your impressions

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