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Terminal Use (Manually Lock Doors)


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There are two scenarios where I want to do this.


1) You're in a prison and want to be able to clear the room without new spawns of enemies running in.  This is even more desirable since enemy spawn rates seem to have increased to the level of this-isn't-fun-anymore in the past month.  Very good tactical use.  I currently let them lock the doors so we can clear the room, and I tell my teammates not to unlock the doors, just the cells first (to which, nobody @(*()$ listens).


2) A large room is swarmed with enemies and you want to be able to clear the room without new spawns of enemies running in.  We have defense missions for when we're gluttons for suffering, just let us clear the damn rooms!




Optionally (a less good idea, but nonetheless potentially useful and immersion creating) we could also be able to trigger alarms via the terminals.  We of course do this in Survival missions, but being able to do so at any time would give a more real immersive feel to the game, and also players who are feeling aggressive may want to aggro the whole level or incur more enemy spawns. This will (and should) never be an option however, because in a squad, more often than not you're just going to piss off teammates. So nevermind. Unless it's only an option in Solo, I guess that'd be fine.

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