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Vauban Prime Ash Prime

More importantly Akstilleto Prime and Vectis prime...two of arguably the better weapons in the game & people like me wanted for a while. Was thinking of using plat to buy off market but now YESSSSSS!!!!Grind grind soon. And then we have the two warframes.....

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1 hour ago, Duskstryder said:

Would it be too much to ask to make Vauban's part rarity match other Warframes? (i.e. NOT all rare)

This is expected to change, as some part rarity has been lowered from before and recently:

  • Nikana Prime BP: Rare > Uncommon (Hydroid Prime Access around August 2017) > Common (Weekend Wars at mid-February)
  • Spria Prime Blades: Rare > Uncommon (Weekend Wars at mid-February)
  • Saryn Prime BP: Rare > Uncommon (Hydroid Prime Access)
  • Valkyr Prime Systems: Rare > Uncommon (The Unvaulting as of now from early September 2019)

What I'm also concerned about, aside from how Unvaulted Relics dominated all of the Relics in the Bounty table (save for Profit Taker Orb Heist, but slow and one reward), the Relics are starting to get too cluttered since Equinox Prime introduced Relics into the 10s (Neo S10 for example).

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3 hours ago, Her_Lovely_Tentacles said:

uhhh what about Ember? Shouldn't she be unvaulted, too? I remember this was being talked about, since both Ember and Vauban got their reworks.

Ember was unvaulted not too long ago with Frost. There were a ton of complaints about that as well as the Rhino and Nyx pack because they kept getting repeated. 

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On 2019-11-12 at 5:22 PM, MunsuLight said:

So still no dual kamas prime  in the 2 years I have played and more , I have yet to see them unvaulted   


But vauban and ash is a good thing 

If they keep this pace and don't revert back to Ember/Frost in January, you can expect Trinity and Nekros.

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5 hours ago, Mujaki said:

Master of stealth? Really? I think Loki might have to disagree with you, there.

Please. There are far better frames for stealth than Loki. Even if you go purely on duration of invisibility Loki is 3rd, and he's the only frame in the game with natural invisibility that cannot give it to a teammate in any way.

At least Ash can fill both sides of the stealth spectrum (offense and utility)

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