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More companion options pls?

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Well since the rework of the arsenal UI the companion apart feels very empty.

i think it can be filled with more options like equipment for pets or even having a kubrow/kavat and a robot at the same time in the missions, i think that would be pretty neat.

What do you think people?

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I started this game back when there were 4 Sentinels. No pets.
They're working on it. They're always consistently working on it.

If fact, we juuuust got a new pet. It hasn't been 2 weeks yet.
The vampire kavats. I don't even know their names yet, they're that new.

The companions in the game receive plenty of attention, which is nice.
I wouldn't expect anything super soon, but I wouldn't rule it out down the line.
The game has been moving that direction in some small ways,
and they haven't forgotten about them by any means.

Khora allows exactly this with her exalted companion,and whichever else you choose.
If that's not a frame you've gotten yet, I have a good feeling it will be. 😃

There's another question of...
"How many pets does someone need jumping around, to do a spy mission?"

Going fully in on the idea of everyone getting 2-3 pets has it's drawbacks..
For one, people having to pick up 2 of someone else's pets in a mission..
or stealth being messed up due to Corpus having pet allergies.
How is the breeding in the game, and could it handle everyone trying to perfect 2 pets,
or will it be seen by many as too intensive on creating and maintaining them... or too
much to keep track of in a mission.

Maybe we'll get an update that allows us to tell our Kubrow to sit/stay, and pet them in mission,
then everyone will like that, and they push for more pets per player.

Hope someday you get this, and it works out well. 😃
Best of luck.

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Personally, if the restricted it to a single sentinal and a single MOA, Kubrow, or Kavat, then I'd be fine. One of those will die with no bleedout counter if taken out, and the other I don't have to pick up.

For one, I'd be able to have a Smeta Kavat and a Shade to do spy missions, and a Dijin and Helminth Charger for more challenging stuffs. It'd be cool, yeah, but it'd be kinda disorderly.

Just imagine an 8 person raid (like some of the good ol' days) where everyone has both a sentinel and a moa to gun everything down. That'd be chaos. 

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yeah, i kwow they are doing well with the companions, I have both khora and new kavat and its pretty fun playing with 2 cats 😂

I just comment it by simple aesthetics more than nothing else, but yeah, im sure they have think about this and a ton of more crazy things 😋

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