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Best Build For Vauban


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     For the past week I've been on the hunt for Mag Prime, and have finally been able to grab a good amount of void keys. I'm mostly terrified of playing T3 survival; since my last runs on T3 defense have never shown great progression.

I'm stuck on using Vauban; besides how much fun he is to play. What build should I run with? 
Obliviously Telsa, and Bastille is a required for great spacing; and ground control. But is vortex a must have?

What Builds do most of you guys run for T3 Survival?

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my build and in my opinion the best build:



forget about tesla it does electrical dmg, its useless on high lvl and its just a waste of time

and energy. While your throwing 10 teslas u could kill everything with your weapons or someone else can use a dmg ulti.

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