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Kiliken Defence Leaderboard Run


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Hey guys. I'm looking to do a Defense Run on Kiliken or Venera, might even do both if there's enough time, at 9:30pm GMT, or 3:30pm USA East Coast. I'm looking for four. I think the best combo I can get here, is a Vauban, a Frost Prime (Myself), Nekros and Nova, but I'm open to suggestions here.

If you want to have a go, bring your best weapons and A-Game, preferably Forma'd and such, and let's go and have some fun! Voice chat not necessary but really helps.



EDIT: Will be Recording this run.

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ah ts. you see with vauban and frost you just can't fail. however nekros will just slow your progress down. you are simply wasting a spot because of nekros. frame is useless.


i have no doubt that you will do 100 waves. but it will take more time than it could.

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