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A Question About Primary Weapons To Use



So, I recently started playing Warframe, and I only have my starter, Mag. I'm Mastery level 2, close to 3.


 I got the Braton some time ago, but I quickly upgraded to the Paris. I've been having a lot of fun with it, I love the way it works. It's currently level 21. But now I started doing Sedna, and I found that not even a charged headshot oneshots Grineer, even with +105% damage from Serration. So I tried out the Boltor, and was kinda disappointed. It has pretty low damage, bad accuracy, and the stagger makes it hard to hit targets.


So my question is, what primaries are good for this level content and higher? For reference, my secondary is the Hikou and my melee is the Orthos or the Kestrel, depending on my mood.


Thanks in advance!

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I have a soma, I just dont know how to mod it- quick suggestions while we are talkin bout it?


Go crit all the way; Vital Sense, Hammer Shot, and Point Strike. These ones is mandatory to be maxed.

Don't forget base damage amp; Serration and Split Chamber.

And also elemental, preferably ice to make 'em all slowed down and AP to punch through those armor; Cryo Rounds and Piercing Hit.

Puncture, to get easier target on enemies clumped together; Shred (Metal Auger is worthless :p).


Edit: This build is designed regardless the mod energy points, so prepare a Catalyst and some Forma to get it all.

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Also make sure to match the elementals to the faction you're fighting


Armor Piercing for Grineer

Electric for Corpus

Fire for Infested


You'll get a much higher return from those mods than anything else when leveling weapons or working with low mod points (no potato)

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