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The Melee/ranged Conflict


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So, there has been in Warframe a massive conflict, a forum war that has spanned centuries. EDIT: War wasnt there in the OP for some reason :/


Which is better? Guns or swords?


The best answer would be they are equal and its all preference. This is simply untrue.


Most guns i see (as far as base stats go) have about 15-50 base damage per shot, excluding shotguns, but most of those have massive clips, range, accuracy, head shot bonus, attack speed advantage etc.

While melee weapons have around 25-75 base, with no clips, but no head shot bonus, no range, time/skill based accuracy, and a charge attack that does usually around 2-3 times more damage, but takes a second or two to charge.


Melee DPS is MUCH lower than a guns DPS, and its at the range and risk disadvantage as well.



In other words, Guns are overpowered compared to melee, and both need to be lowered/raised to similar DPS to make the only difference a preference of play style. 




For melee, id love to see it be a third weapon that you have to take out (since when can someone instantly unsheathe a massive war hammer from their back directly after firing a shotgun and still get a full force hit in the space of half a second? We're ninjas but COME ON, there are limits), and making left click a light attack, right click a heavy, and jumping crouching sliding wall running and the like each have their own attacks for left an right clicking. This would allow a form of skill-based combo system that would allow those with skill to vastly out-DPS unskilled gunners, ofc in the fast paced fighting of Warframe i understand how difficult it would be to implement, let alone USE this system.


For Marksmen a better critical hit system as well as more practical stats (energy shields are nothing compared to mere bullets? come on...), giving different damage modifiers depending where you hit an enemy, changing on the enemy. For example, the Corpus's proxys need a sort of CPU core or wireless control module shooting at its location could yield massive damage bonuses, but it would have to be exact and very difficult to shoot. The Grineer are just human clones, shooting one in the knee or joints ought to have some major effect on their combat effectiveness, ofc the head would also be a weakpoint. Since the infested have no pain or major organs that really control it, just a big mass of sentient goo that morphs flesh and metal, it would make sense that gun based crit locations would be hard to find, if at all existent. (This would be similar to how a hammer or chainsaw to the gut kills a zombie more easily than a pistol shot to the gut).

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I think the main thing they need to do is beef up the melee mods some more, melee weapons and ranged weapons start off on similar footing in terms of damage (other than range have well... a range advantage) however it's the mods that make a weapon shine and be able to dish out decent damage. And from what I understand in most weapons charged attacks are the only way to go and only a few weapons with innate armor ignore can hold their own with regular attacks.

They beefed up pressure point to 20% per level if they were to beef up the other mods to 20% per level I think melee would have a fair shot. The other thing they need to do is double the damage of longsword style weapons, they have the disadvantage of hitting only 1 enemy at a time but we're swinging with 2 hands so they should have a higher damage output. Obviously large heavy weapons should have the most damage per swing but have the disadvantage of being slower. Heavy weapons should also have greater stagger/knock down chance.

Now they've also brought out all these new mods in regards to blocking if they beefed up melee mods some more we could have legit all melee builds.

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