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Ivara, The Huntress


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With Ivara's deluxe skin around the corner, and with the...suspicions of her being one of the next two primes I think it's time to take a look at Ivara's kit and see how well it's aged and what needs some dust brushed off.

So, first off, Passive. It's great, simple, and useful because it stacks with mods that do the same thing, fit's for the Huntress theme going on. It's honestly fine as it is, if I was being nit picky I'd throw in some benefits for animal conservation or something, like being able to see animal track locations on the minimap or something along those lines like the Oxylus.

Power 1, Quiver. Pure utility and currently has one power that's only useful in "Full stealth" so...very niche. I would make it so her cloak arrow has some homing onto targets, the number of times i've tried to hit a team mate with it only to miss, or the hostage we rescued...too many to count. Maybe make range affect ziplines? Or make Ziplines a point A mark and point B mark so we kinda know where/how to set em up...but that might be a bit 'too much' to do. Mostly my biggest issue with her power 1 is Noise arrow, it serves no purpose outside of stealth missions to group up enemies, I would make it give alerted enemies reduced accuracy.
Also, her conclave arrows aren't that bad, Null Shield arrow to remove/reduce shields/armor? Encumbered arrow to slow enemies? Maybe an augment to give her these arrows instead of sleep/noise?

Power 2, Navigator. It's cool but it's uses are...again very niche? Only used on weapons with projectiles which...we have quite a few, but the fact it starts out at MAXIMUM SPEED is...disjarring, and that the speed varies from weapon to weapon is also...confusing. Making it apply a standard projectile speed would make it easier to use, and having it provide an accuracy bonus to hitscan weapons would make it useful for more than 1 class of weapons. In terms of how the augment would affect this...i'd imagine the same, each enemy hit gives 10% crit chance up to 50% for X duration...refresh duration on hit.
Alternatively, if we were going for a 'total overhaul' I would make it into a power that does what Buzlok does. Mark an enemy, your shots then home in on that spot, gaining bonus damage each time they hit and with the augment giving bonus crit chance. How would this work for hitscan weapons? Well i'm imagining something similar to what Scourge does, but localized to a specific spot rather than just the head.

Power 3, Prowl. A great power, a toggle invis ability, gives bonus when you headshot enemies, can give more loot if you hang out near them. I would honestly remove the extra loot, or make it just "enemies killed by ivara in X range drop extra loot" instead of it's "hang out near enemy for X duration to get more loot". I would also remove "decloak when doing X movement action" and instead just have Prowl slow it down. Have it slow down bull jumping and sprinting instead of "You completely decloak the moment you accidentally slide" and then you have to retoggle it. The headshot bonus is great, but as she is a Huntress...well why not take an example from Revenant and have it so that on headshots her weapon does X damage/status depending on the enemy? Corrosive for grineer, gas for infested, magnetic for corpus?
Alternatively to make her really interesting, have Prowler make her 'harder to detect' and give her increased evasion. I mean she has a cloaking arrow, she has no real reason to use this except to help team mates. So if Prowl just made her 'harder to detect' like Mirage's power, and increased evasion, she could then get a *bit* more survivability added to her like more armor, or more HP/Shields...and it would also allow her to play to one of warframe's greatest strengths, Movement. Currently you have to choose to either A: Survive or B: Move. Sure, you can run around full speed and not be cloaked, the moment combat happens? You have to cloak or you're dead, specially in high level missions. This has been one of my...annoyances with her and the primary reason I don't "Main" Ivara, her limited mobility in order to survive, honestly it shouldn't be a thing, choose between being able to move vs not getting killed by a stray shot? Which HAS happened to me, invisible and a random bullet just...drops me cause I got caught in a crossfire.

Power 4, Artemis bow. It's fairly solid as it is, does fantastic damage, I would distribute it's damage more evenly across IPS and I'd bump it's crit and status a smidge more...decide to focus on one or the other and bump it up to 30-35%. Mechanically speaking is where I feel it needs the most work. It's mechanics are very simple, charge it to change if it's verticle or horizontal, alt fire to rapid fire your current quiver arrow. Personally I don't use the quick fire quiver when I can just press power 1...so I would make it function like cernos prime, alt fire switches it from vertical to horizontal, maybe make the charge shot to fire a quiver arrow(that also does artemis bow damage maybe?) Onwards to it's augment...honestly the fact this doesn't put ALL the arrows damage into a single arrow, or even just most of the damage is annoying...it only does the damage of 1 arrow instead of 7 or even 3, that is a massive damage reduction for exploding headshots and increased crit chance AND removing punch through? Either give it punchthrough, or make it explode on any hit...or make it at least do as much damage of, bare minimum, half the total.

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I don`t think she need a rework but Ido agree that she need some QOL and some small changes. Here is what I propose;


·       Include the ability to see treasure on the mini-map onto the passive.

1st ability:

·       You can access consumable gear wheel on ziplines.


2nd ability:

·       Mods on weapons do not affect the speed of the projectile.

·       Decrease the energy cost from 5 energy per second (including when controlling projectile) to 2 energy per second.

·       Pressing the fire button will now have 3 different acceleration speed options.

·       Using this automatically has a punch-through of 1.0.

·       Make the doors open when projectile goes near them.

·       This ability can be cast on the move.


3rd ability:

·       Make it have a 70% chance to unlock lockers, disable alarms without hacking and make her able to dismantle traps. In this state, she is not affected by traps while disable them.


4th ability:

·       This ability can be cast while on the move.


As you can see, they are not massive changes plus I've improves her 2nd ability to make it more usable and not energy hungry.

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