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Mission Rewards Not Given


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Hi all.


Its my first time posting on the forums so please forgive me if this is in the incorrect section.


I'd like to report several bugs:


I was playing Xini defense, the host left after wave 5 taking an uncommon fusion core as the reward and Despair (Stalker was killed) and another player was selected as host. I continued playing til wave 10 and left with the remainder of the players then.


The mission complete screen showed up like normal after the match ended and I went to the arsenal section to equip some new mods. Strangely, even though i added new mods to my weapons and clicked accept, after leaving the upgrade screen and returning, the mods still were not added to the weapons.


I then went to the foundry to build despair, but my own despair soon followed as I found the blueprint was nowhere to be found! I suspect all the mission rewards were not recieved.


I quit the game and restarted. The arsenal section started working as normal (i.e. the mods remained added to the weapons), but the mission rewards from Xini (including Despair) were not there.


Please help.



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Ok, support ticket no. 70500. I really hope they can recover that despair for me, i was so chuffed when i found it.


Date and time: well, time would be around 12:00 am +3 GMT (don't ask why I'm up so late playing games. Life of a med student) and the date is... today, the 29th of September.

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