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(Spoiler) not sliding in missions, only orbiter

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First off, brand new player and cannot compliment DE enough on the masterpiece of a game that they've put together - It's the first game where I willingly make in-game purchases to support the devs!

A small issue I'm having at the moment is that my *Spoiler* can only slide in the orbiter and not on missions. I searched online and saw that it was an existing problem that was resolved in a patch, however it's something I'm experiencing as of 13th November, 2019. If I'm not posting this in the proper place or it's a well known issue that's already being worked on, then my apologies - As mentioned, I'm still very new and learning the ropes.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!




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Spoiler mode commands are slightly different in the orbiter, as it can go intangible in a mission.


Try quickly double-tapping L1 while you're already running. It shouldn't be necessary (one tap should do it), but I've found what should work only does most of the time but a double-tap almost never fails.

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