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On the topic of the Ember rework (And heat procs)

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A couple things:

I have not had the chance to experience ember pre-update. I never got around to getting her.

However, I've played around with her, first leveling her base, then leveling her prime. And I have to say... she's a bit of a mediocre frame. She was marketed as a strong nuke; we got a map-wide debuffer, which isn't bad per se but not what I was hoping for.

First of all, Fireball is actually pretty decent. Nothing to complain about from me here.

Immolation... I feel like this needs to be upped to a 95% damage reduction. While not a pushover anymore you have Gara, who is both a scaling nuke and a good crowd controller, who also has 90% nonconditional damage reduction to boot. Shouldn't Ember, a frame who has to micromanage a thermostat just to get the most out of her abilities without burning through her cast-ability, have higher returns? Just saying. There was also some talk about discharging the ability giving some sort of AoE fire blast, we got nothing of the sort. Maybe decasting lets loose a fire blast scaling with immolation levels and disables the ability for a set time? idk

Immolated Radiance would be pretty good, except the reduction % sits at around 45% most of the time, which feels like basically nothing. Trinity can give 75% DR to anything in affinity radius that lingers, and as Ember just runs around... maybe up the conversion % to 85% at max rank? that should put her on par with Trinity in that regard. As of now it's not really worth using.

Fire Blast needs to have that cast cost trimmed down to 50 because I have energy issues keeping up the immolation meter with this (stupidly expensive) ability. Other than that, as a crowd control, ragdolls are semi-unreliable and last for very short periods of time. And a fire wall that doesn't set enemies on fire, doesn't make sense really. Having a moddable Panic from the fire status effect would be a good, longer lasting cc.

The augment is pretty sweet.

Inferno is a decent low level nuke, I'll give it that. However it relies seriously hard on good sight lines to even do anything at all, falls off fast (at level 60 she already can't clear out trash mobs) and the initial damage dealt is per enemy, not in an AoE from the initial target like the fire ring, even though it's a meteor impact. Given the nature of her nuke compared with the likes of, say, Mag, it lacks relative punch and visual punch. Having the damage from meteors also stack within the area of effect would be a good way of allowing her to deal more damage and give it a lil more visually. Aside from giving it more damage ofc. The initial target also doesn't panic even though he's literally on fire, which is... weird. The augment for this turns it into a debuff which is great and all, and a nice niche for ember, but still isn't really the nuke I was hoping for.

Speaking of visuals, immolation turns her into a walking ball of fire which hurts to look at both because it's awkward and because it's bright. I have a similar gripe with Fireball and Inferno; if I'm in the impacting range of the ability, my frame rate drops and I can't see anything. It's annoying.

Fire Procs: not much appeal versus corrosive, with the temporary nonstacking armor strip and multipliers and all. It would work great if the fire proc also stripped exponentially (would be faster than corrosive in that case).

So, feedback has been given, hopefully y'all listen. She feels smooth to play currently, but she lacks the punch right now.

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The moment I saw that you wanted to buff her dr to 95%, I stopped reading. If you cant understand how overpowered pure DR abilities are, then your suggestion isnt worth reading.

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