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Vengeful Charge Ephemera - Seizure-inducing flickering


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So, let me start off by saying that this ephemera is bloody fantastic, and when this issue is fixed, I will be equipping it on literally everything ever.

HOWEVER, my one gripe with this ephemera is that it produces a wide "glow" (dynamic lighting) effect that harshly flickers on and off, illuminating the character and the surroundings, as the electricity arcs. This is already straining to look at on its own, and it produces a very nasty "rippling" effect (from the top of the monitor to the bottom) wherever screen tearing is an issue.

Now, Warframe is a game filled with bright flashing lights, but the sheer harshness of the rapid glow flickering (and the fact that it's attached to your character, i.e. it's really close to the camera and it doesn't go away) makes me concerned that this effect is more seizure-inducing than the rest of them. I don't have epilepsy, but I'm noticing much more eye strain than usual just by equipping this ephemera and walking around the orbiter.


Turn the dynamic lighting glow into a "constant" effect-- i.e. let it always be on, so there's no flickering. Alternatively, instead of flickering between "bright" and "off", let it flicker between "bright" and "slightly less bright".
(The sparking effect itself is fine!)

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They do need to do something about that but in the mean time, the flickering is caused by primary energy color on attachments and you can make it have no flickering by making it pitch black, not the best option for fashion but secondary energy color can be whatever at least.

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