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A Challenging Warframe


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            Here's my suggestion for a challenging warframe Scott.


                                                     WARNING WALL OF TEXT INCOMING

                                                    (but it's nice and spaced for ya to read)



     A little info about it first, he/she/it is one of the early models of Warframes to be produced by the Orokin, everything about it was to instill fear and dread into enemies from the appearance to the abilities, it was put on the assembly line but before it could reach mass production units it was stopped. It had a fatal flaw (to be seen in the 4th ability) and some major drawbacks.



Characteristics :


          * It's a high risk warframe


          * It's HP slowly drains away but in a way that will force to heal yourself ( it has cooling leakage/constant bleeding/loosing hydraulic pressure or what ever fits for the devs/community reason for HP drain)


          * It has no shields (early prototype, no shield technology back then)


          * It has the biggest HP in game and medium to relative high armor


          * Normal speed same as Excalibur or maybe a little higher


          * Power around 150 when maxed lvl for warframe



Abilities :


          - 1st ability: suggestion for name Spike Nade (25 energy cost)


                                     It throws a spiked grenade that can stick to enemies and explode with a delay of 2 seconds after it hits target and it can stick to any surface acting like a proximity mine with a range of 2/4/6 meters, damage should be somewhere around 150/300/450 (color of the grenade can be influenced by energy color of warframe)


          - 2nd ability: don't have any ideas for this one's name (i have only cliches in mind :| ) (50 energy cost)


                                   Some kind of aura that affects all team members, active for 3/6/9 seconds healing all team members by kill (something like 15/30/45 hp each kill) or a harder way for coders to heal 2% of damage per bullet and pellet but for that they have to keep track of each player and damage done by each projectile shot (giving coders a challenge too :P )


           - 3rd ability: restoration/drain life/repair etc... devs/community can jump in for the name  (75 energy cost)


                                 It can only be performed on humanoid enemies (major drawback), the warframe will need to be in melee range (drawback) stabbing his victim with his right or left hand inserting it in the torso raising him a little above ground, the animation should not last longer than 3 seconds and while performing the skill the victim will take all the incoming damage suffered by the warfame during skill (a nice little advantage).


                               Now if the enemy has enough life to be left standing after skill is down slow effect should be applied with a bleeding/leaking effect with a small DoT , if the enemy will die as a result of taking to much damage from skill he should explode into a bloody mess of body parts splashing a little bit of players HUD.


                                Damage should be 500/750/1000


            - 4th ability: Suggestion for name Frenzy (100 energy cost)


                                 Description: The warframe will quickly dash(the effect for this dash should be a very fast movement followed by a blurred self) towards the closest targets 4/8/12 dismembering each enemy (decapitation, hand, hands, leg, legs, torso vertical and horizontal by using his own hands) only if the enemies attacked will die if not, the animation of the skill will take place but leave body parts intact instead will add a bleeding/leaking effect with slow on the affected enemies.


                                 Damage should be around 1000/2000/3000 (u will see later why so high damage)


           (Fatal Flaw) -> After he hits/kills last enemy from "Frenzy" the warframe will have 1/3 chance to go Haywire/Berserk and his bodily fluids/blood/oil/hydraulic oil/ or what ever devs/community needs to sleep better at night :P  will burst out of him in an explosion of thick liquid (the liquid will be affected by energy color of warframe),


damaging all enemies in a radius of 15/30/45 meters with a damage of the total max health currently on the warframe  or the actual health of the warframe at the time of casting the skill. This second part of the skill if activates it will kill the player at the end but with the possibility of revival from team mates ( you can use this skill when soloing if you want to support DE this way by using multiple revives muhahaha)



Afterthoughts: * A real challenge will be playing this frame in Nightmare Mode with energy drain.


                           * Suggestions with numbers for constant hp drain on the warframe


                                            at level 30 1000 HP and 20 HP drain per second

                                            at level 20   600 HP and 10 HP drain per second

                                            at level 10   300 HP and   5 HP drain per second

                                            at level   0   150 HP and   2 HP drain per second


             The more you level the harder it gets to survive but we have access to better mods while leveling so i think it all balances out.


                        * About all the stats and damages are all open to devs/community suggestions even those that i didn't mention.

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