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Problem/bug With Synapse And Point Strike


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Hi there,


me and some of my friends just realized that Point Strike sometimes doesn't apply propperly to Synapse. My buddy hosted a game, i joined and when i used my synapse, it seemed as if only around 50% of my hits were crits. As far as i know this shouldn't happen with a maxed point strike in synapse. Then i hosted a game with the same weapon/mods and the same thing happend to my buddy (maxed point strike in synapse but only arround 50% crit) but i had 100% crit. The funny thing is, that another buddy of mine in the same group didn't have that problem with his synapse (either if he is hosting or not).


We noticed this today but were using synapse for some days so maybe this problem came with one of the recent hotfixes? 

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Solution: Don't use maxed out Point Strike. The game is probably having issues registering because of it getting 125% crit chance. You can't do something more than 100% of the time (multishot is a different matter entirely). Use a lower ranked Point Strike to reduce the total crit chance to 100% and you likely wont have any problems, plus you'll get another mod point or 2 to use.

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