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A Thought For Rng With Regards To Blueprint Drops


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I know as soon as many of you see this you'll expect another rage post etc. But instead I offer a possible solution which if added to the RNG system could appease most people. That answer is PSEUDO-RANDOM DISTRIBUTION! Now anyone that's played the like of DOTA 2 before etc. will recognise this term a quick explanation in game terms can be found here: http://dota2.gamepedia.com/Pseudo-random_distribution


Okay so lets bring the concept here into Warframe!


lets run Sgt Nef Anyo, some basic stats for him (made up) and an arbitrary distribution increase (1%)


75% BP Drop and from that:

33% Helmet

33% chassis

33% Systems


So lets kill him a few times:

1.  No BP (increases to %76)

2. Chassis BP  (BP drops to 75%. helmet and sys increase by 1% Chassis decreases by 2%)

3.  No BP (increases to %77)

4.  No BP (increases to %78)

5.  No BP (increases to %79)

6. Helmet BP (BP returns to  75%) Helmet returns to 33% while Chassis goes to 34% and systems increase to 35% 



Now lets do one more for now but with Captain Vor (who doesn't love him?)

100% BP Drop (because Captain Vor)

75% Cronus

15% Seer BP

5% Seer Barrel 

5% Seer Receiver

1. Cronus (reduce it enough to add one to each so 72%  and increase to 16% 6% 6%)

2. Cronus (69% 17% 7% 7%)

3. Seer BP (70% 14% 8% 8%)

4. Cronus (67% 15% 9% 9%)

5. Seer Receiver (68% 16% 10% 6%)



I hope this may be a good solution to a debate as old as Warframe's random drops refinements or corrections appreciated



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I think the J-2000 system is better - stop the grindiness, give a BP at the end of every boss run guaranteed. This way you can add extra BP's to a boss without diluting the drop tables too much, for example new weapon BP's could be added like Vor has the Seer and Cronus.


If that's not enough grind for you, have uncommon/rare mods from the boss drop table in the mix as well.

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Also, if we were to use the OP's suggestion...


I go in against Nef Anyo. I've done 3 runs already and got the helmet. I went in with a PUG and the 2nd guy has done 12 runs and just needs the systems and has had 4 dry runs in a row. The 3rd guy has never run Nef before and the 4th is waiting on systems and helmet and just got the chassis.


What happens to your figures now? Do we all get something different?

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@legion Like I said I just used arbitrary numbers the system is the showcase here not the actual percentages in use

@Malachai Thanks :)

@Eirik Its another system but alot of people do play this for the slight grind (myself included) we just get fed up of doing 100 Nef anyo runs and not 1 mag systems (subtle hint devs). Also good point on the multiple persons, my thoughts are it could be. host related, solo only (not so much) or yes maybe people do each get something different

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