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New Tennos? Yes Coop Tennos


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Hello there :D,

I was wondering whether in the near update, will there be new tennos different from the others. seem to me that players are abit overpowered and off hand(like to do S#&$ their way) with little teamwork for a coop game. i was thinking why not make 2 lousy tenno and make them awesome when they are together. 
(try to follow me here)

Since its a coop base game, why not create 2 tennos


First tenno named           : Plus(+) 

Second tenno named      : Minus(-)

When Plus(+) and Minus(-) are in the same party.
They can stack their ultimate (activating at the same time)

Plus(+) will have a globe like force field killing(vaporize) enemies, coming in or out the globe.
While Minus(-) will activate her skill triggering healing in globe and give invincibility to whoever are in the globe so others will benefit from there(healing and invincibility).
When their ultimate is active. Players who are in globe will have invincibility for a few sec. (lets say 3-4sec, to have time to get to a new position etc)

BUT if both of they are separate. Plus(+) and Minus(-) not in the same party. They being alone with other tenno. 
Plus(+) will only have his shield for himself (his ultimate) thus the shield only absorbs damage
Minus(-) will only have rapid healing as her ultimate with no invincibility.

Something like
Plus(+) - (off tank) (this bugger cant tank much, just a support tank)
Minus(-) - (support healer) (this healer cant heal much like trinity. Only does Heal Over Time(HoT))
Both of them will be lousy unless they are together.
When both of them meets, S#&$ happens.

Plus(+) powers will be:

Push (pushing monsters away from him)

Taunt (slow enemies movement)

Lightning blade (360 aoE lighning swords around him damaging monsters)

Shield (absorbs damage up to xxxxx)

Health 100.0 (280.0 at rank 30) Power 100.0 (130.0 at rank 30) Armor 125.0 Shield Capacity 150.0 (400.0 at rank 30) Shield Recharge 20.5 Sprint Speed 1.0 Stamina  ?

Minus(-) powers will be:

Orbits (summon a HoT orbs around her, healing her and who ever near her to get heal over time, it removes poison, fire etc faster) (for environment/elemental area. if Minus(-) is around, party will not get affected to the surrounding debuffs) 

Sleipnir (summon a ward for 30sec with 15m radius healing her and nearby allies and damaging nearby monsters(DoT))

Sleep (360 aoE skill that sleep near by monsters)

Heal me (rapid healing)

Health 80.0 (280.0 at rank 30) Power 130.0 (200.0 at rank 30) Armor 10.0 Shield Capacity 100.0 (300.0 at rank 30) Shield Recharge 22.5 Sprint Speed 1.2 Stamina  ?

FOR example: When a frost meets a rhino in the same party.(g@y) when frost activates his globe and rhino is inside the globe and activate his iron skin, there will be healing in the globe and other players will benefits from it, if they are in the globe and have invincibility for a few sec to get to a new position.

the stats is just copy paste and a little edit
this is what i think and imagine, cant think of a perfect way to describe. i hope u support this worthless dream of mine xD

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You thought this out, I will give you, but Olympian is right. I play a volt as my original warframe and I love it. The point of the different warframes and their powers is to work in conjunction to form a cohesive fighting unit. you may not have noticed the teamwork getting displayed, but it gets displayed. Especially in defense missions. Without a team, a defense mission will eventually eat you alive. Same with Survival.


Edit: Sleipnir sounds like it would do better on a knightly warframe named Thor or Odin or Baldur.

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We don't need something to make Volt seem worse than he already is either.


Bite me. Everyone goes on about how Volt is terrible. They just don't know how to wield him in my opinion. Seriously...he's made to rip through the corpus as much as possible. Also, he's a caster and generally casters do better with the energy siphon aura if you don't use it already.

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