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Why Has The Vauban Helmet Blueprint Only Put Up Once?


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All of the vauban part alerts total:




The helmet alone has been on alert ten times since the end of May. That's 2.5 alerts per month.



Vauban is annoying because he's entirely random and slow, but you should be able to get him built during any given month if you're vigilant.


In July, August, and now September, we've had situations where all three parts showed up within two weeks of each other. The helmet was on alert on the 21st, and the systems and chassis were both up (chassis twice) yesterday.

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OP has a point though. I had trouble completing Vauban too, because the Helmet alerts are far fewer than Systems or Chassis, those show up about four times as much. Also, 2.5 alerts a month is nice and all, but looking at those helmet alerts from my timezone:

- September 21st: 11PM, good time to run it for me.

- September 1st: 3.25AM, bad time, work and all

- August 20th: 8PM, would be a good time, if it werent for my squash night.

- August 1st: 1.40 AM: bad time


and we're in july already. One decently timed alert a month isn't much. The systems and chassis are much more frequent, thus much easier to obtain.

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