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New World/faction Concept/story


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"So, The Lotus has woken you up, right? Ready to run around and kill anything she points you at, huh. I guess that can

be fulfilling. You get to run around, slaughtering a bunch of baddies and getting loot for your clan. The Lotus must be grateful for you doing whatever she says, no questions asked. There IS a question you should be asking though. "Where did we come from.", would probably do well enough. Maybe Lotus doesn't remember, or doesn't even know. At least that is what she would tell you. I however, found a holographic disc the Corpus found floating in an old Dojo. According to the disc, the Tenno used to have a planet of their own. That place was overpopulated and corrupted by all the faulty Orokin tech that we possessed. It "ate away" at the planet, in a sense. It corrupted our atmosphere, and made the entire place unlivable. Poisoned and desperate we left that planet. The Lotus was one of our world leaders, and she had ordered half the world to cryogenic stasis.  One of the side-affects is that we lost all of our memories. We came to this solar system and now currently remain. What became of our planet? Where did we start? Nobody ever asked that. Nobody except me. On the planet I found a wild place, fierce and untamed. There were many huge beasts there. One that I took particular note of I have called a Ghrikan. It was a monstrosity with reddish-brown leathery skin, a barrel-chested body that tapered off into a tail, and four scaled legs with sharply clawed feet. It stood about fifteen feet tall, with a large head and dull, tiny eyes. Jet black horns jutted out of its grey fore-head in every direction but down. Although the most imposing thing about it was the razor sharp teeth that crookedly forced their way out of its mouth. The ghrikan was not only hostile in looks, for it immediately attacked me as soon as I was noticed. We fought for what seemed like hours, and my Tenno-issued Paris was barely penetrating into the beast's hide. As it charged at me once more, clawing the ground as it tried to throw off any attempt for me to dodge, I vaulted onto one of its legs. I clambered onto its back and sprinted toward the base of the ghrikan's head. Despite the desperate attempts to throw me off I managed to stay balanced, only by thrusting my throwing knives into  his back. With kunai in hand, I shanked my way up to his head. Even through his desperate struggle, the ghrikan could not keep me from victory. I yelled my victory and severed its spine with my scythe. I was exhausted from my life or death fight, and I sought shelter. After some wandering and avoiding any more grhikan, I finally came upon the ruins of an old city. I journeyed to a large building in the center of the broken city. Bone-tired as I was, I managed to get to the top floor of the massive building. It seemed like a research establishment of some kind, because there were terminals all over the room I had wandered in to. Something particular caught my eye. It was a holographic disk with the symbol of the Lotus. I looked through the information, which was far more revealing than the drifting disk I had stolen from the Corpus. What I found was more than I could bear. Maybe the Tenno have changed but they still listen to every thing the Lotus says. I am turned against the Lotus. With the corrupted Orokin tech I found in some of the other lab rooms, I modified myself. My scythe has become imbued with my hatred for the Lotus and the Tenno of the new world. My knives have been boiled in my own despair, and my bow will be soaking in the dreading blood of every Tenno I find. My warframe no longer has a name, for it has been corrupted by the evil deeds of what the Old World has done. They will pay the price at the hands of the monster they have now created." - Stalker





So this is a concept of some stalker origins I thought I would right about. The title was not meant to be misleading so there is some concept of a new faction of beasts that the stalker fought (If this had been an actual thing there would be many more beasties) Then there is the new( or old I guess) world that used to be the Tenno home planet. This is my first time writing anything so I am sorry if it is bad or not detailed but I had fun writing it so I hope you guys enjoy it as well.

If you guys have anything you think would be better feel free to share

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not bad. not bad at all.

continuity issue: if a Paris couldn't get through the things hide, why can kunai?

Thanks. I meant it as in that neither did damage but it was enough of a pierce not to hurt the ghriken, but to support the stalker's weight as he climbed up its back.

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