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Feature/Addition - View current liches and bunus%

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Currently the only way to see what liches you have for trade are a) go to the codex and check 1 by 1 or b)go to the crimson branch and trade with someone to see which are active.

It would be a huge QoL improvement to be able to view currently converted liches that are tradeable in your codex, be it a new tab or by searching for "trade" etc. More on search later. For someone with a few liches this is a non-issue but for those, like me, who have over 30 liches (currently I have fought 41) this can be a tedious task making it effectively easier to just go on the dojo and see which ones are tradeable. 

To further improve this feature/UI, it would be greatly beneficial to everyone if we could see the weapon and bonus% on the liches without having to click one by one. Furthermore, it would be ideal if we could see what percentage we have on our kuva weapons. Currently you can see the name of your weapon and look for that lich to see the bonus% but this has a few issues. First, the search function does not work when typing the name of the lich (it doesn't work regardless of what you search for either) and with a higher number of liches, this can take more time. Second, if you do a valence upgrade on your weapon, the name of the first lich remains on the weapon so searching for this name is pointless if you have upgraded your weapon. 

I understand this is still a work in progress, and this is a feature that I know will proof useful to anyone who hunts liches regularly. 

As for the search option in the codex, it would be ideal if say for example you searched for "kohm", it showed all the liches with this weapon. Additionally, if you search for "radiation", it showed all the liches made with this element. 

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