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Personal Synthesis Target scans going beyond the number required

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I have been trying to scan my daily target, Seeker.  I have been going to Pallas on Ceres to get it because I know that there are many seekers there and I finished my personal synthesis target, Guardsman, today.  Unfortunately, the game seems to prioritize the personal targets over the daily ones when both are present on the same tile set, but that isn't the problem I encountered.   What happened is Cephalon Simaris indicated a target on the map and I found it and it was a guardsman.  When I scanned that target my screen said 11/10 on guardsman.  My personal target seems to be finished and it says completed in the UI, but I can't seem to select a new personal target (I'm pretty sure I'm not finished with all of them, but I did finish my current screen full and don't know how to see more personal targets) or get a daily target on that node.  I only get more and more guardsmen, I think, although I haven't checked to see if I will get 12/10.  I know I can likely go to Uranus to scan my daily, but this bug might pose a problem for some daily targets.  I'm hoping it's just one of those stupid things where the incrementing a counter for a loop is misplaced and 11 will be the final guardsman.  I'll try once more to see if that is the case, but if I don't add to this topic, assume that the target is perma-bugged for me.

Tested on same location and got additional scan and standing for guardsman but counter did not increment this time.  The tally is still 11/10 for guardsman.  Not sure what to do at this point other than work around the problem until I hit a daily target where the target only appears on tile sets where guardsman also appears.  Do anyone know how to check to see how many personal targets a player has completed, and how many there are total?  I think I've only done 14, but I can't imagine that is all there are and I'm not seeing anything obvious in the UI to tell me how to get to a new screen of personal targets.

Well I checked the simulacrum to see if I was done scanning personal targets and there are many targets remaining.  Does anyone know how to get a new selection of targets to scan, given my scanning for guardsman is completed but I keep getting more of the same to scan?  Guardsman was the last target on the current personal target screen and I don't seem to be able to get a new screen of targets.  Last time I completed a screen of targets, I was given a new one automatically, so I don't know if there is a manual process for moving around in the total list of target selections.  I don't see anything in the UI that looks promising, but I was hoping to not have to submit a ticket for this issue.

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Additional info and asking for workaround for issue

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