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Multiple bugs with 26.0.8 "Fixing ability to hack a single Corpus Spy console repeatedly"

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There are plenty of things gone wrong with update 26.0.8, probably caused by...

6 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixing ability to hack a single Corpus Spy console repeatedly, thus gaining an endless amount of XP.

This looks like a rushed attempt to fix that is killing off some parts of the game.

Profit Taker 3 in solo mode is impossible, cannot complete mission, and far more difficult in multiplayer squads.

Repeated Orb Vallis bounty with rescue, while staying in Orb vallis, is broken.

Lua rescue, cannot go back to correct portal, fails the mission. While not as bad in Solo, try doing that in multiplayer squad, all hacking different terminals at the same time.

This update, 26.0.8, did not fully fix the problem in Corpus spy missions in multiplayer squads.


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How did "infinite affinity" even become a high priority problem?

Enemies respawn = infinite affinity. Going to ESO for 2 waves - even if kind of anti-social towards focus farmers - levels weapons to 30 within a few minutes.

The gameplay impact of the original bug is ... like nada. Outside of people having an easier time to go through MR fodder amps.

The gameplay impact of this bug is tremendous.

DE, take the time you need. I'm a software dev, I understand the struggle.

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